What is the Meaning of 🤯 Emoji; Exploding Head Emoji Meaning

🤯 Exploding Head Emoji Meaning

Exploding Head 🤯 emoji is rarely used, but it expresses being awestruck, disbelief, and shocked when used. The exploding brain of the emoji means something shocking or unusual has happened.

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Different Names

Shocked Face with Exploding Head and Mindblown.

Launch date

🤯 was confirmed as a part of Unicode in 2017 and was added as an emoji the same year.


  1. Dude, the new iPhone Pro Max model costs ₹1,30,000 in India 🤯
  2. What? 🤯 Did they get married? When did that happen? 🤯
  3. I won the lottery 🤯

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