10 Easy Tactics To Increase Followers And Post Engagement On Instagram

The different social media platforms have become very vibrant and frequently used by its millions of users providing unprecedented opportunities for professional marketers to trade their wares. Instagram is just one the many but it stands out tall among others due to its ability to rope in millions of follower who have joined it to keep in touch with their peers, friends and many others. A colossal 800 Million users and of them a mind-boggling 500 Million daily active Instagrammers, is food for thought to any business whatever product or service they may sell.

Such a huge following of active daily users whatever their profiles may be, young, old, gender, economic status or any other just does not matter. The customer base is there available to any business and these daily users are exchanging around 250 Million videos, photos, and stories which could put you too, among all that.

It is any marketer’s dream to make a presence among all those millions of to and fro activity and take advantage of the optimum, but how would be the big question. These are unprecedented numbers and as a marketer, one would need to plan and initiate a strategy which would bring positive and successful results.

We look at how any business could take advantage of this massive and readily available market, to propel their product or service to find that special potential niche.

You would need to be smart as a marketer because there are others too who would be vying for the same market that you would be targeting, so it’s a free for all with many winners if you strategize.

We say so because 500 million daily users are colossal, to say the least, and even if you take just a cross section selling yourself effectively could be quite a profitable challenge.

10 Easy Tactics To Increase Followers and Post Engagement On Instagram

10 Easy Tactics To Increase Followers And Post Engagement On Instagram

1. Consistent daily posting

Research on Instagram has revealed that the more you post the responses are greater hence to get optimum exposure the trick is to post consistently, on a daily basis.

Depending on your consistency and subsequent exposure more users would see your posts and the more likes you get would bring you to the top preference.

2. Post photos, videos, and stories

Instagram initially began as a photo-sharing network but has now grown into a much bigger platform with live videos, videos, and stories which are all accessible by all.

Marketers could take optimum advantage and bring their live videos and other content onto the platform to engage with millions who would see them as first hand every time.

3. Pick the right hashtags

Employ the right hashtags because studies have shown that unlike other social media platforms if you select the right ones standing out on Instagram is helped immensely.

Exposure is the main requirement for any platform and Instagram supports hashtags better and if you want to be right on top you would need to use them prudently.

4. Share content with others

Share the interesting content of other users with credit extended to the originator and it would bring others to your platform which would increase if you pick the right ones.

Interesting content is readily shared and this is the best strategy to increase your exposure to the maximum number of users who would then what you have too.

5. Work with other users

Work with others with similar interests and try sharing all posts between each other or try to engage in sponsorships or partnerships with them.

Engaging with others in such an arrangement would widen your followers as your partners would be yours too and vice versa.

6. Pick your best time to engage

There is no universally accepted best times to post which are dedicated to anyone but specific times for each one on the Instagram platform, finding that is quite imperative.

You could do so by finding out which times have been mostly kept you exposed and use it to your advantage so that when you upload a post it would be seen immediately.

7. Employ analytics

It is only high-quality posts that would attract the attention of Instagram users and when you post consistently good posts your exposure would increase.

Finding what following you have is easy on Instagram and finding the numbers that follow you and take specific steps to rope in more onto your platform to see your posts.

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8. Rope in those interested

Maximum engagement with your followers and new ones is the primary objective and to do so like the optimum number of other’s post and they are sure to reciprocate.

The initiative should come from you and the more posts that you upload would take more likes and when it turns your way show others that you are following them too.

9. Create contests

Create and run contests with your Instagram followers and bring new ones by extending rewards and what they would be done not matter much but creates interest.

New ideas are what is much needed on most social media platforms and not the normal run of the mill stuff which are boring to followers who look for innovations that are good.

10. Cross post

If you are an aggressive professional marketer ensure that you cross-post all your content on the other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and others too. The advantage is that most users who are one platform would be definitely on others too and if they miss you on Instagram they would pick you up on another platform. The primary idea of being on any social media platform is to have optimum possible exposure among your target customer or even others.

The presumption should be that they would also one day become interested in you and what you have to offer and turn to engage with you.

When you have something interesting to offer and someone out there finds you from the millions, on any of the platforms only then would there be that most important click.

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  1. Hi Ray,
    Your article is great, and I must say you did a good job. Instagram is a powerful social media image sharing platform with amazing potentials to scale your business if used correctly. I’m more particular on your first point in action 1 “consistently post daily.” That’s a great concept, but i do not totally agree with you on that because Instagram is not like twitter where you must post content daily. From my experience, posting on Instagram best practice is to post at least 3 or 4 post a week, that is like 1 post every 2 or 3 days. It allows your posts time to sink in a generate engagement. Posts stay longer on Instagram than on platforms like Twitter.
    Another area i want to add a little tip on the use of hashtags. Yes, using hashtags is remarkable because it enables your content to be easily identified by your target market. But the issue is how to identify the but hashtags, and how many hashtags can you use for each post?
    There have been lots of controversy about the number of hashtags to use in Instagram posts. Some experts say 7, others say 11, and yet others say use all 30 as the maximum Instagram hashtag per post. So, my advice here is that you should test your use of hashtags to fins out the number of hashtags that perform well for you. However, you also have to monitor your competitor to find out what types of hashtags they’re using and the number of hashtag as well. These info will give you some heads up as to the types and number of hashtags to start with.

    Thanks for sharing.


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