3 Reasons Why SEO Might be Better than PPC for Your Business

When it comes to online marketing, there aren’t many tactics that are as efficient as PPC and SEO. While they may seem similar in many ways, they both are drastically different in their approach, scope, and cost. In some cases, SEO happens to be the best option in the long term for some businesses. Here are some of the reasons SEO might be better suited for your operation.

3 Reasons Why SEO Might be Better than PPC for Your Business

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1. If you’re in a Competitive Niche

Before you decide which option is better for you, you have to look at the competition and how much people are paying for the keywords in your niche. Very few niches will warrant a $5 to $10 bid on keywords, no matter how popular they are. In these cases, only big companies with extensive budgets can use PPC. They often use it to gain visibility and are often way past simply trying to get conversions.

On the other hand, even if keyword phrases may be saturated with PPC, there is a much better chance that you could rank for a few more obscure searches that can still get you a fairly decent amount of traffic over time. Very rarely will you find a truly profitable niche without fierce competition on keyword bids, so if that’s your case and you happen to be living in Minneapolis, working with an SEO Minneapolis expert that understands your market might be your best bet.

2. Building Authority

If your goal is to ultimately build an authority niche site that is more focused on providing a resource than actively selling, then you should definitely go for SEO. If you want to build a go-to site people go back to when they need answers, then you want to go for a slow burn instead of a wildfire if you want to make your mark.

PPC simply won’t be as effective in this case, as PPC works principally for building leads or converting visitors into sales. Since you aren’t selling anything, you could waste hundreds of dollars on visitors that might never come back. With organic search, your audience will gradually grow, and you’ll start getting more and more social mentions and organic backlinks over time without spending a dime.

3. If you’re Trying to Increase your Site’s Value

Websites are a form of virtual real estate, and if you want to sell your site and want to increase its value, then you should also consider improving its results with search engines. When evaluating the value of a site, many factors must be put into consideration, such as unique page views, page rank, search rankings, and the quantity and consistency of traffic your site is getting; all factors that are dictated by SEO.


As you can see, SEO can be a much better option than PPC depending on what you’re trying to accomplish. As a rule, if your goal is to build a steady source of traffic and you are more concerned about building an audience rather simply selling a product, then SEO is the way to go. It’s also a great option for retailers and service providers trying to make a name in an oversaturated niche.

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