5 Best Android apps to blur photo background

Photographs are a great way to treasure some of the most beautiful moments in one’s life. But, not every time clicking a good photograph is a luxurious event. As there are some inadequate elements which can turn your treasure into a trash. And one of the many is an unfitting background.

No one likes an inferior background in their photo as a background depicts the story behind an image. But in this high tech world, everything comes with a solution. Anyone can easily blur their photo background by simply setting the aperture in their DSLR. Also, most of the mobiles today comes with an inbuilt blur setting.

But honestly, not everyone owns a DSLR or even if you have a blur setting in your mobile still, sometimes that edge gets missing. So, here is a list of 5 Best Android Apps to Blur Photo Background which you can easily use without being a professional. This will help you to be in focus in your every click by blurring out an unfitted background.

Here are the 5 Best Blur Apps For Android:

  • PicsArt
  • Snapseed
  • Photoshop
  • Afterfocus
  • Blur Image Background Editor

1. PicsArt

Picsart is not just a photo editing app but it is a whole community of people from around the world. You can learn new skills, get inspired by others or you can post your own artwork with #picsart. Picsart provides with 1000s of amazing features to make your photo editing experience a stunning one. Blur your inferior background easily with Picsart by simply selecting the part you need to blur and in no second get in focus. And of course, get all that amazing features and tools in a bonus with your main photo blurring agenda. It is one of the best blur apps for android.

Best Android apps to blur photo background

Main Features:

  1. Creative contests and photo challenges.
  2. Free stickers, clipart, and sticker maker.
  3. Drawing and camera.
  4. Collage maker and grids.

2. Snapseed

Get professional touch in your every photo with Snapseed photo editor. As it not only provides with perfect tools and features but is best suitable for all your image backgrounds problems. You can quickly use the lens blur feature of the app to get a stunning bokeh in your background that will make your portraits more visually appealing. If not, then simply blur them completely by selecting the unwanted part to get your foreground in focus.

Best Android apps to blur photo background

Main Features:

  1. Lens Blur.
  2. Remove the uninvited neighbor from a group picture.
  3. White Balance.
  4. Perspective.

3. Photoshop

If you are even a little interested in photo editing then Photoshop is an app you will surely be aware of. The mobile version of the app is more convenient to use so don’t fret thinking about how complicated it would be. Be it auto fix, customization, image resizing, perspective correction and much more Photoshop has it all. Blur your photo background easily and give it a professional touch with Photoshop. Also, if your photo background is fine enough but is little grainy, especially this problem arises when clicking a photo in dark light. Use the noise reduction feature to minimize unwanted grain and make your photos smooth and on point.

Best Android apps to blur photo background

Main Features:

  1. Noise Reduction.
  2. Reduce fog and haze in photos.
  3. Fix the skewed perspective photos with just a click.

4. Afterfocus

Afterfocus is an app which is simply focused on all your unfitting background issues. Get smart focus and blur effects which will make your photos look like it was clicked by a DSLR. Blur background easily by just drawing some lines on the unfitted part and the app will automatically blur it or use the traditional finger painting. Also get motion blur effects to make your moving image more realistic and after that select from a bunch of filters to make your photos more lively.

Best Android apps to blur photo background

Main Features:

  1. Smart focus area selection.
  2. Background blur effect.
  3. Filter effect.
  4. Easy share.

5. Blur Image Background Editor

Blur image is an image blur app which gives you full freedom on selecting even the minute part of the image which you want to blur. The app is terribly simple to use to use and is completely free. With the blur brush of the app, you can select any part of the image you want to blur and change its opacity as per your demand. If not simply use the traditional method and trace the background with your finger. Also, choose the blur levels by moving the volume of brush icon to get that perfect blur you need.

Best Android apps to blur photo background

Main Features:

  1. Magnifying Glass.
  2. Unblur the image.
  3. Modify blur capacity as per your demand.
  4. Resize images.

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