5 Best Healthcare Apps for Android in India

All of us including the doctors and the pharmacists are living in the era of smartphones. There is nothing left that you can’t do on your phone. From ordering food to ordering shoes to buying houses, everything at the tip of your fingertips! So how will the medical fraternity be left behind? Now the health services like consultation, treatment and medical drugs all of these things are available online. There are various apps out there that are worth trying and a must-have. So here we have just the list for you.

Make sure that if you have any serious complications visit a real doctor instead of using the apps.

5 Best Healthcare Apps for Android in India


1. 1mg

1mg is the number 1 health app out there. It’s a complete app that covers all of your medical needs. You can search for your medicines to find the lowest seller and order them online with this they also provide all the information about the drug.

You can book your doctor’s appointment or even consult a doctor or medical professional online. Book health checkups and lab tests from reputed quality certified labs and get tested from the comfort of your home. Also, you can get personal and useful health tips written by expert doctors.

Best Healthcare Apps for Android in India

Main Features:

  1. Fresh new color scheme.
  2. Buy medicines online.
  3. View medicine information.

Download 1mg

2. PharmEasy

Pharmeasy offers you 20% savings on medicine and up to 70% savings on diagnostic tests.

Pharmeasy is Indias largest online healthcare subscription portal with its app you can order healthcare products, OTC products, etc and get them delivered to your household. You can even subscribe to their monthly refills and they will ensure that you get your products every month. No hassle and no worry about running out of dosage too. You can even set reminders in a few easy steps and you will never forget taking a medicine henceforth.

Best Healthcare Apps for Android in India

Main Features:

  1. Search flow.
  2. Call to order.
  3. Upfront visibility for out of stock medicines.

Download Pharmeasy

3. Medlife

Medlife is your fast-paced award-winning healthcare app with over 500,000+ satisfied customers. It’s a one-stop app for all your medical needs. With OTC products, consultation with doctors and health checkup tests without leaving the comfort of your house.

Medlife adheres to all applicable laws and regulations and is fully compliant with the applicable statutory requirement.

Best Healthcare Apps for Android in India

Main Features:

  1. Genuine products.
  2. Quality healthcare with the best discount.
  3. Doorstop delivery.

Download Medlife

4. Practo

Practo the house of health connects you with everything you need to take care of yourself and your loved ones. You can find the best doctors, book instant appointments, chat with them online, order medicines, book tests and get personalized health tips. You can even store your medical records digitally for future use. One can order medicines online with this app and get them delivered to you, across 50+ cities in India. You can even learn thousands of new ways to be healthier with articles provided by this app. If you have any doubt you can clear them by having a quick search on the Q and A forum.

Best Healthcare Apps for Android in India

Main Features:

  1. Revamped doctor listings.
  2. Slicker and better layout.
  3. Everything you need in order to be healthier and happier.

Download Practo

5. Netmeds

Netmeds is Indias very own online pharmacy. With their app getting the medicines you need gets simpler and better. Just tap on the app, upload your recommended medications and order will be delivered anywhere in India. You can even order on behalf of someone and gift them the present of health from your side.

It is perfect for the busy life that we lead nowadays, you don’t have to make any stop in between, just order on the go. It saves you time and gives you the best online medicine store experience.

Best Healthcare Apps for Android in India

Main Features:

  1. Shop faster for all the medicines.
  2. Flexible app.
  3. Get up to 20% off on essential medication.
  4. Assured the safety of your personal information.

Download Netmeds


What is the best medical app for Android?

1mg is one of the best medical apps for Android as it covers all of your medical needs. With this app, you can get complete information about your drug.

Is it safe to buy medicine online in India?

Yes, you can safely buy medicine online in India as the online pharmacy is covered by the Drugs and Cosmetics Act.

Which app is best for online medicine delivery?

Netmeds is said to be the best healthcare app for online medicine delivery as all you need to do is upload your recommended medications and the same will be delivered to you in no time.

Is PharmEasy App legit?

Yes, PharmEasy App is genuine and provides 100% genuine medicines to all its customers.

Make sure whatever application you use, you use it with making a personal check of your own. Treat your health well and it will pay off in the longer run.

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  1. Thanks Payal for not only sharing the names of App, But listing there Key benefits and screenshots
    However I recommend you check this app “MedRep for Patients “- its a Complete Healthcare ecosystem on mobile from doctors, diagnosis, hospitals, pharmacy, pharma companies

  2. Hi Payal, Thanks for sharing the list of best healthcare Apps. Here is another one for all health needs. Zoylo is an online healthcare platform that brings a number of health, medical, and wellness services and products under one roof where users can seek services online or through online appointment booking.

    App is developed by the help of a highly experienced Medical consultant And its absolutely Free!
    Google Play :- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zoylo.com


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