5 Best Home Workout Apps For Android

”The only bad workout is the one that didn’t happen.”

In this fast-paced, much-haste lifestyle it’s very hard to find time to hit the gym and workout, but as we know that health is something that shouldn’t be compromised with, so the best thing to do would be working out at home instead. Now you cant have a personal trainer at your place but you sure can have your own phone act as a personal trainer.

There are various apps out there that can help you out in your exercise routine. Listed down below are the best apps for work out at home for Android.

Here are the 5 Best Home Workout Apps For Android

  • Lose weight in 30 days.
  • Home Workout- no equipment.
  • 7 minutes workout.
  • Lose belly fat in 30 days.
  • 30-day fitness challenge.

1. Lose weight in 30 Days

30-day workout challenge is one of the best apps for your workout routine. It’s simple yet effective. The best thing about the app is that it helps you take baby steps and progresses as you progress through. Lose weight in 30 days is safe and scientific.

Not only does it have systematic workouts but it also provides you with diet plans at your disposal. You can synchronize your workout and calorie data with google fit. The workout plan contains arm, butt. abdominal and leg workout to help you lose your extra weight and shape your body. There is no equipment needed.

Best Home Workout Apps For Android

Main Features

  1. Track weight loss progress.
  2. Track burned calories.
  3. Low-calorie diet plans.
  4. Gradually increases exercise intensely.

2. Home Workout- No equipment

This is the top health and fitness app that is designed for fast bodybuilding at home with no pieces of equipment needed. It provides daily workout routines for all your main muscle groups. In just a few minutes a day, you can build muscle and keep fitness at home. The warm-up and stretching routines are designed to make sure you exercise in a scientific way. With animations and video guidance for each exercise.

Stick with the workouts and you will notice a change in your body in just a few smart weeks.

Best Home Workout Apps For Android

Main Features

  1. Warm up and stretching routines.
  2. The chart tracks your weight.
  3. Detailed video and animations guide.

3. 7 minutes workout

7 minutes workout is scientifically proven to assist weight loss and improves cardiovascular functions. Best of 2016 app, Top trending app and best self-help app selected by google play. It supports google fit. There are over 3 million users out there. If you want to lose weight get a flat tummy and be fit with videos that show you how to perform each exercise. It’s best for regular people like you and me.

Its maximum results with minimal investment.

Best Home Workout Apps For Android

Main Features

  1. Voice guidance.
  2. Adjustable circuit time.
  3. Notification for daily workout.

4. Lose belly fat in 30 days

Did you always wish for those abs that you see on your favorite celebrity or just have a flat tummy in general without having to worry about those love handles? Then this is the app just right for you. Sweat just 10 minutes a day and you can have your wish granted. Try the aerobic exercises in this app to get rid of the annoying belly fat.

The quick and easy workout, maximize fat burning and is suitable for both beginners and pro.

Best Home Workout Apps For Android

Main Features

  1. Beginner friendly.
  2. Track your progress.
  3. Abs workout exercise with 3 difficulty levels.

5. 30-day fitness challenge

Fitness challenge is the app designed by a professional fitness coach and is proven to help improve fitness and health. By fully considering workout rules,30 day fit challenge workout increases intensity step by step so you can easily stick to daily routines. Just take a few minutes out of your day and hurray, welcome your new and improved body in just 30 days.

Best Home Workout Apps For Android

Main Features

  1. 30-day abs challenge.
  2. 30-day butt challenge.
  3. You can share your progress with your friends online.

Take small steps and in no time you would be progressing on your way to attain the body that you always wished for. If we have missed any app then comment it down in the comment section below.

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