5 Best Kodi Alternatives That You Must Try (2018 Updated)

Have you already know about Kodi? Well, if you are here finding Best Kodi Alternatives then you must already know about Kodi, but in case if you are a regular reader of our blog then we are giving a brief description about Kodi and its usage.

Kodi is a free and open source software by which you can stream media and its available on most of the operating system. Kodi is most popular media player software in the world because of its features.

But nowadays most popular add-ons are being banned and shut down due to some legal issues. People are selling fully loaded Kodi boxes along with the third party add-ons and that is fully illegal. But it does not mean that Kodi media player software is illegal and you can not use it. You can still use it. If you have Roku device then you can Install Kodi On Roku. It totally depends on the user, how he uses it.

Still, if you don’t want to use Kodi and want to know its alternatives then in this guide we are enlisting 5 Best Kodi Alternatives by which you can get an almost same experience like Kodi.

So let’s proceed;

5 Best Kodi Alternatives are;

1. Plex 

If you are looking for an alternative to Kodi then our first suggestion is Plex. It’s one of the best alternatives to Kodi media player software. Plex has the free and paid version. However, you get some extra features in paid version which is of course. But you can still use its free version as Kodi alternative. Plex has an advance feature named Client -Server Architecture. This feature let you stream you locally stores digital media on more than one devices over the network. Plex has a home theatre software application which allows you to manage your library via the same. Kodi is most popular for its add-ons, and you get the same feature in Plex. It has a huge collection of channels.

Best Kodi Alternatives

Even if you have low powered PC, Plex will work smoothly on it. Plex can work on optimized bandwidth. So in this way, your streaming won’t be affected. If you subscribe to premium version of Plex then you can enjoy features like wireless sync of photos to the server.

Visit Plex.tv

2. Emby

Best Kodi Alternatives

Emby is also a great alternative of Kodi with some distinct features. Earlier Emby forayed as a media browser but now the modern version of it not equipped and not limited like earlier. In the latest version of Emby, you can enjoy Folder Sync and Cloud Sync that will surely enhance your viewing experience. Also, you get parental control in Emby, by which it can detect DLNA based devices. Emby is available in three types of classification. The first classification is Emby server, TV apps, and mobile apps. While the second classification is Emby server which is available for Linux, Windows, and Mac. And the last classification is available for TV apps which offer a diversity of support including Samsung Smart TV, Android TV among others. So all over its a must try alternative of Kodi.

Visit Emby.media

3. Stremio

Best Kodi Alternatives

You can enjoy movies, TV shows etc from many different platforms, all from a single screen. And also Stremio make sure that all the videos are in all formats are of high quality. Also, this service provides casting support or subtitle support. You can also create your own personal library in which you can put all your favourite TV shows and movies. This service is available for most of the devices and it allows you to sync your library on all of the device. This service has a feature named Linvo Database that makes sure that all the data is properly arranged on each device. Also, it has a feature that gives you a notification whenever there are new episodes available of your favourite TV shows and videos. Stremio also gives you the recommendation of new shows and videos you might like. You need to create an account on Stremio that is quite easy. Once you have created an account, you can use the service. On the home screen, there is a board menu with the recommended content and you choose series, shows, and movies separately in the discover menu. So if you are looking for Kodi alternative, then you can try this service which is light and packed with great feature.

Visit strem.io

4. MediaPortal

Best Kodi Alternatives

This kodi alternative has got some amazing features which allow to record and schedule live TV and let you play media files from your hard drive, DVD or Blue-Rays.  Also, MediaPortal have robust support for a wide range of TV tuners. There is a feature in which you can tune into internet radio stations too. This service has a collection of few plugins which you can use to do everything from viewing live sports score to watching YouTube videos. Only cons of this service are that MediaPortal is available only for windows OS. But you can use many remote control apps for iOS, Android etc.


  5. Terrarium TV

Best Kodi Alternatives

If you are an Android user and looking for Best Kodi Alternative then we must say that Terrarium TV is the best option for you. It’s an android app for TV shows and movie lovers. This app allows you to stream, watch and download all of your favourite TV shows and movies on your devices in 1080p HD and that too for free. This app streams most of the content from Google Drive or Google Video which gives you an additional layer of privacy when you browse your media. Also, this app shows some information about the content which you can see before watching your content, that helps you decide whether to watch the content or not.


So all these are the Best Kodi Alternatives which you can try if want to switch from Kodi. All these alternatives have some great features which make them very similar to Kodi media player software. You can choose your best alternatives as per your needs. Feel free to drop a comment with your experience with these Kodi alternatives.

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  1. Terrarium TV has died a horrible death, so now we need to find another Android apk that can stand up against the best apk for TV and Movies that has ever been made… RIP Terrarium

  2. It seems SHOWBOX is gone for good so I’m looking for something to replace it. Some websites are informing me to use a VPN service when using free movie apps. As long as you stream a movie you won’t need a service like this, just don’t download the movie.


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