5 Best Video Calling Apps For Android And iOS

The term video calling precisely means having a visual communication between two people. Video calling is not a new course, in fact, it has been around for a couple of years or more. Though it was not instantly popular among all the demographics, around 2005 Skype popularized video calling through the medium of computers.

From the time video calling got so much hype around all age group, it has never seen a downfall. No doubt, telephonic communication is essential, but video telephony not only makes you see the person live in front of your screen but also makes you feel content.

Earlier, through Skype, you were bounded to do video calling just through your computers. But however, with the ever growing technology, you can effortlessly do video calling with just a tap on your smartphones. All you require is a camera in your smartphones and access to the internet. So, here are 5 Best Video Calling Apps for Android as well as iOS which you can use to video call every one of your near and dear ones.

Best Video Calling Apps For Android And iOS:

  • Google Duo
  • IMO
  • Skype
  • JusTalk
  • Glide

1. Google Duo

Google Duo is a video calling app which supports both in Android as well as iOS operating system. Though it was released just in 2016, it has still managed to gain worldwide popularity because of it’s simple and reliable features. Google duo provides you with the highest quality of video calling whether you are on Wi-Fi or using cellular data and if you are not available for video calling you can always place an audio call. With Google duo, you can place video calls between Android and iOS users, so there is no barrier between whom you want to make a conversation.

Best Video Calling Apps For Android And iOS

Main Features:

  1. Simple interface.
  2. See the caller before you pick up with Duo’s live preview feature.
  3. Cross-platform support.
  4. Highest quality of video calling.

2. IMO

IMO is an app which not only allows you with video calling but also it is a messaging platform which can be used by both Android and iOS users for totally free of cost. The App provides you with unlimited messages, video and voice call over 2G, 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi. Express your messages better by using hundreds of fun stickers and do group video calls with your friends and family anytime and anywhere you want.

Best Video Calling Apps For Android And iOS

Main Features:

  1. High-quality video and voice call on Android and iPhone.
  2. Group video calls with friends, family, and others.
  3. Avoid SMS and phone call charges.
  4. Fast photo and video sharing.

3. Skype

Skype is a video calling app which made video telephony popularize among individuals. Though earlier it was just used for computers, but around 2013 they released a free video messaging service which can be operated on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Blackberry. With Skype you can do voice messages, texting, sending photos all along with video calling. Now, quickly swipe to capture photos and videos and make them your own by adding emoticons, stickers, and annotations. So call everyone you want or else simply text them and also add highlights that will stay visible for 7 days to your followers, and much more with the new upgraded Skype app.

Best Video Calling Apps For Android And iOS

Main Features:

  1. Great for groups.
  2. Never miss a moment with quick capture.
  3. Share highlights.
  4. Respond to any message from your contacts with reactions.

4. JusTalk

If you are someone who loves video calling with all your friends at the same time, then JusTalk is a perfect app for you as you can create as many groups as you want for group voice and video chats. Easily send video messages, send and receive photos all in a just a tap. Also, record your special voice or video calls and save them to memories.  Make your video calls more interesting and fun by adding doodle, changing the background, sending stickers and much more, all with the help of JusTalk. You can also make international calls with low-cost rates and can reach your friends even when they are offline or even do cross video chats with all your friends across any types of smartphones and tablets.

Best Video Calling Apps For Android And iOS

Main Features:

  1. Group call and chats.
  2. Make calls a lot more fun.
  3. Voice and video recording.
  4. Cross-platform.

5. Glide

Glide is an all in one video chat messenger as it is one of the fastest live video messenger apps. Chat with your friends and family by texting or by sending live videos and pictures to them which you can easily preview before sending. Make your video messages more vibrant and lively by adding filters or fun emojis. If you have a smartwatch then get glides directly to your wrist and respond to them by texts, emojis, and even live voice recordings.

Best Video Calling Apps For Android And iOS

Main Features:

  1. Free lightning fast messaging.
  2. Get Glides directly to your wrist.
  3. Snap a photo in real time or uploaded from your device.
  4. Cool filters to make your video messages look awesome.

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