5 Online Business Ideas For Creatives

With the help of build-your-own website services, commerce functionality, and community sites like Etsy, it’s easier than ever to start your own business. Many freelance ideas also exist because of the web, like social media consultant and web designer. Check out these five ideas that work as supplementary income to start and can potentially grow into a full-time profession.

With the benefits of online printing services, it’s easy for photographers, digital artists, and graphic artists to promote and sell their work online. Artists can set-up a portfolio gallery of work to select from and mail the finished pieces after the medium, size, and other finishing options have been selected. Another option is to sell the digital file and customers can arrange printing for themselves. At a boutique shop like Print Partner, it’s easy for anyone to upload a file, select a material like canvas, acrylic, metal, framed under glass, and others, and have it delivered within North America. With a variety of presentation options, spectacular landscapes, high contrast black and white images, or stunning, modern 3D art can be easily ordered and displayed at home or at the office.

Subscription boxes are huge right now, and crafty and artistic individuals can set up their own small business to sell their wares on a month-to-month basis for continuing customers. People love receiving handmade goods that are carefully picked and crafted, with the convenience of automatic delivery. Plus, receiving a surprise in the mail each month is fun! Some ideas for box contents are homemade tea blends using fresh tea, herbs, spices, and flowers; unique jewelry like ornate knuckle rings and birthstone necklaces; all-natural make-up like tinted lotions, beeswax balm, and natural pigmented shadows; baked goods that come with a recipe in the box; a funny and cute sock-of-the-month club; or scented candles that fit the season. A platform like Shopify allows creators to set-up subscription selling as an option.

Writers and illustrators can choose between self-publishing and printing their own books, chapbooks, and zines, or releasing their stories as digital e-book files to avid readers and comic fans. Through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, for example, authors can self-publish and reach millions of readers through the massively popular online retailer. You can even sell print copies of your book through the same program. ComiXology functions similarly but for comics and graphic novel creators. Sign-up is free and comic makers retain the rights to their work.

Take advantage of the ongoing popularity of social media and your avid skills on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat as a social media writer and consultant. Not every company has the budget for a social media department or a full-time writer. Working as a freelancer, reach out to brands that are lacking a feed, or ones who have one that could use sprucing up and some better content, and run their social media presence for them. Build your portfolio of clients over time, and you’ll have full-time work tweeting and taking great Instagram photos for local brands and companies from virtually anywhere.

Similarly, copy editing is a service that many websites could use. Approach restaurants, cafes, hairdressers, plumbing companies, and other small businesses who could use an update to their copy that is riddled with errors, is unnecessary, or that drawls on and on. Sell them on the idea that an error-free, interesting, and informative site can help a lot with how they’re perceived with potential visitors curious about their services.

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