5 Proven Tips to Increase Website Traffic Quickly In 2018

Do you want more website traffic?

Well, traffic isn’t equal to revenue but you’ll agree, more website traffic is surely equal to more chances of increasing the revenue.

Traffic acquisition isn’t instant, neither is it as difficult as you think. You just need to optimize your blog to help existing visitors get more value and they will bring you new visitors by default.


With happy and satisfied readers, they not only refer you more visitors by becoming your walking billboards but also trigger many search signals like better dwell time, returning visitors, more social shares, less bounce rate, brand awareness and much more.

If you want to increase your traffic significantly, you need to concrete your bases rightly. Here are 5 proven tips which are guaranteed to increase traffic to your websites in 2018 and beyond.

5 Proven Tips to Increase Website Traffic Quickly

Proven Tips to Increase Website Traffic Quickly

1. Create useful content, not filler content

Search engine traffic is the best traffic. The people who visit from search engines like Google are more inclined to buy from you. That’s why people spend billions of dollars on Google ads every year.

If you want to get more organic traffic to your sites for free, create highly informative and engaging content for your blog audience. There’s no other shortcut. In fact, bigger brands like Buffer also take content creation seriously. Here is the exact process a buffer writer uses to create content that drives them millions of visitors per month.

5 Proven Tips to Increase Website Traffic Quickly In 2018

Please note: While the time taken for each segment of effective blog post creation (writing, research, SEO etc.) can vary based on your expertise and comfort, the steps should pretty much remain the same.

Creating great content you possibly can is the surefire way to increase your organic traffic. Here are few quick tips you can use to create highly engaging content for your audience.

a) Don’t just talk about the problem.

Show how your audience can solve it. Use your content as a medium to provide solutions to your audience problems. That’s how you can build a profitable blog.You can use free tools like ubersuggest or answer the public to see what people are asking about the topics you write in the real world.

Include those in your content strategy and it will help you cover up more of user intent and help solve their queries.

b) Always bring more value to the topic you write.

Find a unique angle even if you’re writing about a generic topic in your niche. That way you can write about unlimited topics and still find a way to build a better audience by bringing more traffic to your sites.

Add graphics, memes, gifs, videos if you can or embed other related videos that dive deep into the topic you write. Videos help people stay more on your page thereby boosting dwell time.

2. Keyword research is the key to get more search traffic

RankBrain, Hummingbird, LSI algorithms – these are all the essential things from Google that REALLY matter. But do you know what matters most when it comes to increasing your website traffic especially from search engines like Google? – Keyword research.

Yes, finding and using the right kind of keywords can help you quickly boost your organic traffic. Unfortunately, most people don’t do keyword research at all and that’s why they often struggle to get more traffic even after posting great content. If you don’t have a proper keyword strategy, you’ll either be targeting keywords that you can never rank for or your ranked keywords will bring you traffic that is not worthwhile

Here are few essential tips you need to know about perfect keyword research.

  • While doing keyword research, always focus on your target audience’ search intent. Get to know their wants and needs so you can easily align your keywords really quickly. Als,o make sure to target long tail keywords that contain 4 or more words in it because they are easier to rank for.
  • Filter the best keywords via search volume, keyword difficulty and relevancy. There’s no point in picking the keywords with high search volume and competition because it’ll not only take more time but it will be hard to get traffic unless you’re building a ton of quality links.
  • Get access to the right keyword research tools like LSI Graph, Keyword Tool, SEMrush etc if you want to find the best performing keywords to boost your organic traffic.

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3. Harness the power of social media sites

If you’re running a new blog or website, social media is the best traffic source for you.

One important thing you need to remember while promoting your blog or website on social media sites is that focus on one platform at a time.

That way you’ll be able to target the right audience, connect with influencers and spend quality time on each network to grow your followers. Here are few more of such tips to get more out of social media to increase your website traffic.

5 Proven Tips to Increase Website Traffic Quickly In 2018

  • Use social media scheduling tools like Hootsuite, Buffer, Tailwind app etc to schedule your social media posts automatically so you don’t have to worry about promoting every single day. 
  • Use hashtags to create more buzz on social media. Almost all the social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc are now using hashtags and they are really popular so make sure to find and use trending hashtags while promoting on social media.
  • Brand yourself on social media. It’s hands down the simplest way to get more traffic, The more engaged followers you have on social media, the more followers will see your shares, tweets and visit your blog. This will also create brand awareness and thus will help you improve your CTR (click-through rates) too. Wordstream has shown that readers are more inclined towards clicking on your result (be it search or paid) if they know you before.

4. Improve On page SEO

On page SEO is what helps search engines to easily understand what your content and web pages are all about. If you’re not doing on page optimization by keeping few targeted keywords in mind, you’re missing a lot of traffic from search engines.

As we discussed above in point #2, keyword research is the key and you can consider on page SEO as the soul of getting more search engine traffic. By placing the right keywords in the right places on your pages, you’ll attract a lot of visitors from search engines like Google.

Here are few prominent places where you need to sprinkle keywords to get more traffic.

  • Title tags
  • Meta description
  • Image alt tags
  • URL
  • Subheadings like h2 and h3 tags and so on

Keywords are just a part of on-page SEO techniques. There are lots of strategies that go to have a page optimized for search. Follow this on page SEO guide to implement all the detailed strategies you need.

Quick tip: Make sure to install WordPress SEO by Yoast (free plugin) which is used by millions of WordPress users worldwide. This plugin helps you easily optimize your content for your targeted keywords. It also suggests you where to insert your keywords into your content. Here is another list of best WordPress SEO plugins to help search engines better depict your blog and rank it for the right queries.

5. Start guest blogging and blog commenting

Guest blogging not only allows you promote your blog on bigger sites but it also helps you hone your writing skills and connect with other bloggers in your industry. It’s an evergreen way to bring more website traffic, build better links and get more buzz.

If you’re just starting out, I’d highly recommend you to start blog commenting even before you think about guest posting. Do you know why? Because blog commenting allows you to quickly build relationships with other bloggers so it would be really easier for you to send guest posting email pitches later.

That being said, there are few proven ways to do both guest posting and blog commenting the right way to increase your website’s traffic quickly.

  • Always leave thoughtful and lengthy comments after reading the posts. Don’t leave one-liners as most bloggers either don’t approve or move your comments into spam section. Also, use their names while leaving comments.
  • Write high-quality guest posts instead of sending 500 to 600-word blog posts. Take time to research the blog’s where you want to guest post and know their audience needs and wants to craft great guest posts.

You can take this trick a notch higher by allowing engaging comments on your site. This will not help you to get more traffic instantly but with time, they’ll boost your ranking signals like engagement on-site or credibility (more comments usually mean better following and more authority).

How to get more blog comments?

Now the obvious question arises as to how to get more blog comments.  Blog comments are like conversations. They are the ones that made blogs a social media channel ages before new-age social media platforms even existed.

You have to be responsive to comments, ask a question at the end of your blog post that triggers answers in the form of comments.

Another way would be to take the comments a level higher by gamification of it. Using a plugin like Thrive comments (read here for a review) you can form a community where users can like, share and upvote each others’ comments. This creates a sense of achievement.

Other things you can do is award badges to loyal commenters to make them feel acknowledged. This way they will return for more interactions on your blog bringing more traffic. Here is a step by step guide to getting more comments on your blog

Over to you

Increasing website traffic isn’t something you should ignore. It isn’t rocket-science as well.  Use the above strategies to increase your website traffic and you’ll soon see results.

Remember one thing, improving your search rankings will not happen overnight, you need consistent SEO efforts, content efforts and social media marketing efforts to see growth.

What are your favourite traffic acquisition strategies? How do you get traffic and what-what you suggest to stay away from to get traffic to your blogs? Comment below and share your views.

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  1. When you run an online-related business, you need to do the search engine optimization for your website to populate your content. Instead of searching online tips that can vary for different blogs and websites, you must learn the skills yourself and then apply them according to what you really need.


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