5 Step guide for moving your WordPress website to new web host

5 Step guide for moving your WordPress website to new web host

Migrating Your WordPress Website To A New Web Host is a very bothersome decision as it requires taking lots of precise steps and patience. Well, moving your WordPress website to the new web host is easy and you don’t need to scratch your head for it.

One of my readers asked me about moving WordPress website from Bigrock to Hostgator. Bloggers usually go for Hostgator and Bluehost as they’re acknowledged as most suitable web hosting for blogs, Right ?

Well, most of the site owners migrate their sites because their existing web host is cumbersome or the alternative host is offering better services. Well, this article will cover all the instructions to successfully transfer your WordPress site files to a new web hosting using Cpanel. Below are some of the requirements that should be completed before starting the process.

  • Your previous web host account (Make sure it is not expired or canceled).
  • Associated Domain name.
  • New web host account.

Well, this post also going to save your hard earned $$ because many of you will prefer to hire an IT professional or freelancer for this small work. If I were at your place, I’d prefer to do it by myself while sitting at home and having a coffee 🙂

5 easy steps to move your WordPress website to a new web host.

Are you ready? Let’s go through the prescribed steps to migrate your WordPress website to a new host.

STEP 1: Backup and download your website’s files.

This is a very first & essential step as you want all your files to be work properly on your new web host, Right? On the other hand, Backup is kind of necessary job and should be done regularly for your website’s sake. Cool, so right now you’re going to backup and download all of your website’s files.

For that, you have to follow the points given below.

  1. Login to your old web hosting account.
  2. Go to the list of orders >> manage the web hosting >> Cpanel.
  3. From there click on the File manager (must be present on the first page of Cpanel).
  4. In the File manager, you will find all your WordPress files listed in the www / public_html folder.
  5. Go to the settings in upper right corner and check “show hidden files” to download all of your files.5 Step guide for moving your WordPress website to new web host
  6. Select all the files & right click your mouse >> click compress.5 Step guide for moving your WordPress website to new web host
  7. Set the compression type as “zip archive” and then click on Compress File(s).
  8. This might take 2-3 minutes and your public_html folder will gain a new zip file i.e. wp-admin.zip.
  9. Then you have to download the zip file (wp-admin.zip) you just created by right-clicking on it and selecting download.5 Step guide for moving your WordPress website to new web host
  10. The download will start in few seconds and will complete after few minutes or hours (depending on site’s file size or the amount of media you’ve uploaded).
  11. This is known as a manual backup.

There are many different types of WordPress Backup plugins which will do this job for you. But this is the safest, fastest, and easiest method to download all your core WordPress files including themes and plugins. You can also do it using any FTP program such as FileZilla by connecting to your host and copying all your files to your local computer.

All the above steps are required (especially points 5 and 7 as this will include your .htaccess file and other hidden files in the zip).

While your backup is downloading you can move on to the step 2.

STEP 2: Backup your WordPress database.

This step includes the backup of your WordPress Posts, Pages, Comments, Tags, etc. Although, this is an essential step because this time you’re backing up all the valuable blog posts of your WordPress site.

Thus, In this process, you will need to export your database so that you can further import it into your new web host. Okay ?

There are many ways to export / download your WordPress database. Most of the people usually prefer exporting the database using PHPMyAdmin and then importing it back to a new host after creating a new database. Well, this method is very time-consuming and if anything goes wrong by mistake, you can lose your content. So I’m not using this method.

On the other hand, I’ll be using Cpanel Backup wizard to backup my database which is pretty fast and easy. Okay? So let’s begin with the process.

  1. Login into the Cpanel of your old web host.
  2. Type “Backup” in the search form of the Cpanel. You will find two results “Backup” and “Backup Wizard”.
  3. Click and open “Backup Wizard”.
  4. Inside the Backup wizard, you can backup your Database, Home Directory and Email forwarders.
  5. Move one step closer and click on Backup as given in the screenshot below.5 Step guide for moving your WordPress website to new web host
  6. After clicking on “Backup” you will come across two options. Either you can backup all your files or select the partial backup to backup your Database individually.
  7. Click on “MySQL Databases” under “Select Partial Backup” as shown in the screenshot below. 5 Step guide for moving your WordPress website to new web host
  8. Selecting the MySQL Databases will open new page under which you have to select your database to download. Note down your Database name in notepad or anywhere.
  9. To download your database you have to select or click on the name of your respective databases.

MySQL Databases is usually small in size. It’ll take around 2-3 minutes to download.

You can also use the “Full Backup” feature of Cpanel Backup wizard. But it is very complex to restore it again.

Make sure that your MySQL Database has downloaded correctly. Done? Now check that your site’s files (wp-admin.zip) have downloaded. If yes, then you can move further.

In further steps, we will be uploading the downloaded files to your new web host.

STEP 3: Uploading WordPress database to new host

Now its the time that you should login to your new web hosting account and hop over to its Cpanel. This time you have to upload/ restore the files you’ve just downloaded from your old server.

  1. Login into the Cpanel of your new web host.
  2. Simply open the “Backup Wizard” just like the last time.
  3. This time, you have to upload/ restore your database.
  4. Move ahead and click on Restore as given in the screenshot below. 5 Step guide for moving your WordPress website to new web host
  5. After this, the program will ask you to select the restore type. Of course, you have to select MySQL Database.
  6. Now only you have to do is to choose the database file from your computer and upload it. Please do not rename your database for now.
  7. When the uploading is done, move on to Cpanel and search for MySQL Databases. Select MySQL Databases from the results as given in the screenshot below.5 Step guide for moving your WordPress website to new web host
  8. After selecting MySQL Databases from Cpanel you have to check that whether your database is successfully uploaded or not. You can simply do a check under your Current databases (refer to the screenshot below). After uploading, your server might automatically change your database name. Leave it as it is. Don’t change/ rename it unless you may lose your data. As you can see that my database name has been modified as MyDBfor3nions. Note down your Database name you’ll need it in further steps.5 Step guide for moving your WordPress website to new web host
  9. Now, we have to create a new user for this database. Scroll down until you reach “MySQL users”. Under add new user fill the details such as username and password. Note down the username with the prefix and password. Hit “Create user”.
  10. Next, you have to add that user to your database. Scroll down and seek “Add user to Database”. Select the database name (example: “MyDBfor3nions”. You can choose any name) and select the username you just created above. Click on “add”. See the screenshot given below.5 Step guide for moving your WordPress website to new web host
  11. After clicking on “Add” button you have to give the user all the permissions and privileges to modify or edit your database. For that select all the privileges and click on “Make Changes”. See the screenshot below. 5 Step guide for moving your WordPress website to new web host


Note : Before moving further, check that you have noted your database name, database username and database user password.

Done? That’s great ! You have just uploaded your database and assigned a new user for it. All you have to do now is upload your site’s files (wp-admin.zip) in your public_html folder.

STEP 4: Uploading website’s files to the new host.

Well, you have finished the 80% of your work. Now you have to upload your site’s files to new web host.

  1. Login and jump over to Cpanel.
  2. Open File Manager and go to Public_html folder. Delete all the files inside that folder.
  3. Now click on upload >> Choose your file (wp-admin.zip) >> hit “Upload” button.
  4. This may take few minutes. After the upload is done, refresh the page. You’ll see wp-admin.zip in your Public_html folder.
  5. Now right-click on it and select “extract”. This will extract all your folders and files in wp-admin.zip.
  6. When the extraction process is done you can delete the wp-admin.zip file.

Well, now all you have to do is to modify your wpconfig.php file to restart your website on the new host.

STEP 5: Modify wpconfig.php file

As I’ve told you that you’ll be needing your database name, database username and database user password. So I hope that you have it.

In your public-HTML folder, there must be a file named “wp-config.php”.

  1. Open Cpanel >> File manager >> open wp-config.php file in code editor.
  2. Don’t worry it is just a bunch of codes. Scroll down and find this line >> define(‘DB_NAME’. An Example code is given below.
    /** MySQL Database name **/
    define('DB_NAME', 'MyDBfor3nions');
    /** MySQL database username */
    define('DB_USER', 'SUser56');
    /** MySQL database password */
    define('DB_PASSWORD', 'password123');
  3. Here ,In the above code, my DB_NAME is MyDBfor3nions, DB_USER is SUser56, and DB_PASSWORD is password123. Replace the old DB_NAME (database name) , DB_USER (database username) and DB_PASSWORD (database user password) with the new one you’ve created in STEP 3. Make sure that the every value entered is between ‘ ‘. Please follow the same order as mentioned above and enter your respective database name, username and password.
  4. Wpconfig.php is a very important file as it links your site’s files with your database. If you’re done replacing your details click on “save changes”.

Domain Configuration

Configuring your domain name is the last part which will take around 24 hours to complete. You have to perform this step because your domain name is tending to your old web hosting. And to make it work for the new web host there are some of the DNS configurations which you would have to implement.

But I have a shortcut for you. You can do the same thing using “Name Servers”. For that, you’ll have to change your domain’s name servers of the old web host with the new web host.

In simple words, A name server is a computer that is permanently connected to the Internet and translates domain names into IP addresses.

Very First, you have to copy your name server’s address from your web host and then paste it in your Domain configuration settings. (For that: Login into your new web host account >> under the web hosting you’ll find “Name Server Details”, open it >> copy both the addresses. Then login into your domain account >> under domain you’ll find “Nameservers”, open it >> Replace both the addresses with the new one you copied from your new web host account.)

The name servers may take few hours to change, but it the fastest method to point your domain name to web hosting. It is merely similar as Hosting Bigrock Domain on Godaddy.

Thus, these are some of the fundamental steps that you can follow to completely move your WordPress website to a new web host.

Furthermore, you can perform a quick check by visiting your website to test whether it is working or not.


  • This is the easiest method for Moving your WordPress website to new web host. I hope you didn’t find it difficult. First downloading and then uploading were only the main thing that we performed in the process.
  • Proceed on to next step, only after the entire completion of the previous one. Don’t mess with the codes as it can affect your whole hard work.

Well, you might have also moved your website, right? Whether you’d wrecked your site or discovered some extraordinary tricks. Do share your experiences and methods with us using the comment box. It will help the other readers too. Cheers!

5 Step guide for moving your WordPress website to new web host


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