5 ways to generate more blog post ideas

I know you got tired of such posts. How a person who writes about content ideas can give outstanding advice on how to generate more blog post ideas? It’s clear that she’s suffering from a creative crisis too! Why else would someone write on such a hackneyed issue?

Well, that’s not the case! Before embarking on writing this post, I glanced through the ton of similar articles, and now I’m ready to describe less known methods many content marketers aren’t thinking of.

1. Follow discussions

Sure, I’m not reinventing the wheel. Finding discussions throughout the internet isn’t a new idea. That said, I see that sometimes writers don’t take full advantage of this method. Forums and comments on competitor’s blog are great but what about other platforms that can bring you a bunch of fresh ideas? Let’s see:

Reddit – Here you can find some relevant subreddits and read what people are talking about right now in your niche. Sure, there are a lot of jokes and senseless threads, but 10-minutes research can give you several specific and outstanding topics.

Quora – This is a perfect platform to get ideas as you can search your niche and sort the results by time. Thus, you can choose “last week” sorting and grab some hot topics from there. Also, a lot of experts and influencers are answering the questions on this platform so you can even use their answers as a background for your posts.

Pinterest – Just type your primary keyword into the search box and find a lot of topics. And get inspired as well!

Twitter – Follow all the experts from your niche and use hashtags to find tweets related to your topic.

2. Cluster your keywords

You have a lot of keywords for your blog posts, and sometimes the number of these keywords is so big that it becomes easy to mess things up. Serpstat’s keyword clustering tool helps to make sense of your keyword list. Since it breaks keywords into groups, you can see the whole picture and come up with a clear structure for your posts. Run your keyword through this tool, and you’ll see such a report:


5 ways to generate more blog post ideas

5 ways to generate more blog post ideas

Messy keyword list never inspires anyone to be creative. So when you clean up the mess, you’ll be able to focus on more important things. Also, this tool has a text analysis feature that gives you recommendations on what keywords to insert it Title, Description, Body text. Give tool handle a routine work and focus on the fun part: writing!

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3. Explore trending topics

We all use Google Trends to find topics that are most popular right now. You can see what is trending in general at this very moment or type your primary keyword to explore trends within your niche:

But some marketers forget to use social media platforms for this purpose too. Use LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to be up-to-date.

As I said earlier, you should follow influencers and communities that are related to your niche. Top experts always know everything first so you can be the second who gets to know too!

Also, use search to find what people are tweeting inside your sphere:

5 ways to generate more blog post ideas

4. Try some exciting tools

It’s my favorite part. Of course, tools that generate random topics for your keyword aren’t something that can give you unique ideas. Sometimes topics these tools find are completely senseless. That being said, you’ll be surprised how inspiring such tools could be.

Fatjoe title generator is a free tool that provides with 10 titles for a keyword. Here is what it offers me for “email marketing” query:

I like 3, 4, 5 and 10 ideas from this list. You don’t have to use these titles word for word. Just get inspired and come up with your own catching topics.

Another great tool is Portent. Even if this tool doesn’t help you, it definitely will make you laugh. Here is what it looks like:  5 ways to generate more blog post ideas

Click several times and choose its best suggestion to use in your blog post. Some of its ideas are quite exciting, other are just funny. Anyway, it worth trying! One more suggestion it gave me:

5 ways to generate more blog post ideas

These two are my favorite but you can try some other tools like Hubspot. Such platforms can give you an idea as to article format and some thoughts on what to write in the body text.

5. Learn from the best!

The last way I’m going to describe is analyzing your best competitors in the niche. Reading existing articles on your topic is always a good idea as you can make sure that you’re not going to write something similar to it, and you can grab some ideas to think about. You shouldn’t steal their ideas, but you can change your angle and write something unique.

I know this great tool called BuzzSumo that offers you a list of most shared content for a keyword. You can sort the results by time and choose some trending topics for your posts.

5 ways to generate more blog post ideas


Explore these articles, take something interesting from each post, and you’ll be able to write something 10x better than posts from this list.

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Over to you

Sure, some of these ways aren’t new for you. But if at least one of them will help you to generate more ideas, then my work here is done! When writer’s block hits you, try not to give up finding new avenues for development. There are a lot of tools that can help you to fill up your editorial calendar with a ton of ideas and keep it all organized.  Let’s sum it up:

  • Follow discussions on Twitter, Quora, Pinterest, and Reddit to get a great insight into what people are talking about inside your niche;
  • Cluster your keywords using SEO tools to organize your keywords and find new ideas;
  • Find trending topics with a help of Google Trends and social media platforms;
  • Use special tools that offer random topics for your blog posts to get inspired;
  • Explore your competitors’ best content and take the best of it.

Share your own ways for finding ideas in the comments below, and I wish you creating more and more interesting content every day!


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