6 Effective Tips to boost website’s domain authority [Infographics]

If the domain authority of your website or blog is performing poorly, then you need to think of ways of improving it, so that you will remain relevant on top of the search engine. If your website or blog is enjoying a high domain authority, then it will most likely to rank higher in search engine results page (SERP).

increase domain authority

1. Develop strategies that improve internal linking

The advantage of building internal linking can never be overemphasised- it is a powerful way of building a network within your website or blog. Internal linking helps both the search engines and user indexing and crawling your website.

A website or blog that lacks internal linking is known as a collection of weak and disconnected pebbles, while the one with internal linking is like unbreakable and interconnected concrete. If you have more internal links, then you have the possibility of creating a powerful and dense site network.

2. Timely remove toxic back links

Removing toxic back links is one of your essential duties. It is important to clean your link profile at all times. Toxic back links should be removed in a timely manner. Get rid of spammy links and keep on doing it on a bi-monthly or monthly basis.

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3. Use techniques that improve overall website SEO

Make sure you are using techniques that will enhance your overall website search engine optimisation. To improve your domain authority, you need to, first of all, improve your overall SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) details such as breadcrumbs, site structure, URL structure, navigability, meta tags, heading tags, keywords, word count, alt tags, keywords and lots more. Thus, if you want your domain authority to be high, then you must ensure your search engine optimisation has the capability to maintain that equilibrium.

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4. Regularly monitor your domain authority

Always keep a regular check on your domain authority- this will help you to know whether it is going up or down. If it is going up, then keep an eye on the links you are getting from similar sites, and try as much as possible to retain them. If it is going down, then it is possible you are getting low-quality ones or you are simply losing links.

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Monitoring your domain authority will tell you what is working and what is simply not working, and you will be in a better position to do most effective things.

5. Build quality content

Content is king. Writing good and unique contents on your website or blog will make people to naturally link to it. Although, you may have to do some hard work by promoting your activities on the internet. One of the best ways of doing is to start blogging about your products or services today. Start now, don’t wait till tomorrow, the delay is dangerous.

Writing high-quality content is one thing while promoting it is another. You may have published a great content on your site, but if you don’t tell people about it, probably they won’t be able to find it.

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Writing great contents and posting them on related websites or blogs with high traffic will boost your domain authority and ranking. This is good for you in so far as you get a back link to your website or blog.

Guest posting is a wonderful strategy. Writing short and meaningless blog posts and putting them on various websites will never have any positive effect on your website or blog. Google and other search engines are looking for websites with high-quality contents. High-quality contents will drive more traffic to your website and also promote your brand.

6. Use Social Media

Social media is one of the strongest ways of boosting your website’s domain authority. Among other viable benefits, it helps you to know the total number of likes, shares, followers for your articles and website.

Start blogging today to increase your social media presence- this will generate more visitors for you. Your popularity on various social media platforms will also influence your domain authority score and domain authority.

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In the social media world, everyone is now using blogs to promote their activities. However, to generate an optimal outcome, you need to market it at the right place. If your content is engaging and interesting, you will get more subscribers and people will like share and like it. Start blogging today to increase your domain authority!

Infographic [7 Tips to increase Domain Authority]

increase domain authority


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  1. Thanks for this amazing information. All of these points are useful and important. I’ll keep them in mind while creating my blog posts or updating my blog.

  2. very good tips, i have always loved to know more on this but your post has just explained ll i need to know. will implement a few of these and see how much more mine grows.

  3. Hey Vincent,

    Thanks for writing this post, but I have few questions in my mind, recently while talking to some of my website’s potential buyers, found out that Domain authority is one factor that can fetch me some extra money, but I am confused on how can I quickly increase it, whether I should invest my time or let it be?

    Also While researching about DA, I have found out another metric called MajesticSEO Trustflow, is it also worth following & working?

    Looking forward to a quick response.

    ~ Beth Hein


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