6 New Gadgets That Are Completely Useless

Almost every week one comes across some new wonders of technology discussed on the Internet. At the same time, it may seem that everything has already been done. That is why more and more useless gadgets are created today. Why do the inventors do it then? Don’t they realize that their invention is entirely worthless? Some of them know it perfectly well. There are out of the common cases when useless devices had become popular and brought great profit to their creators. For example, a selfie stick was initially recognized as the most useless invention, but as you know, it has become incredibly popular. Such useless pieces exist much more than you can imagine, so here we gathered some of the best of the worst. It is possible to lose faith in humanity after seeing this list; however, it is still amusing.

1. USB Pet Rock


Perhaps, this “incredibly entertaining” gadget could take the highest position in any rating of the most useless latest gadgets. Just imagine, a simple rock that can be connected to a computer with the help of USB. But that is not all! It does absolutely nothing. Well, just a perfect pet. With all this “diversity” of functions, the rock is accompanied by an instruction “about nothing.” Well, such a pet is unpretentious, one can’t argue with that. You will only need to wipe the dust occasionally. The limit of benefit from such an object is, of course, the curiosity of others. Therefore, if someone suffers from a lack of attention, the USB-rock is designed to solve this problem in a moment. In particular, if someone will notice such an unusual symbiosis of nature and digital technologies on your desktop – astonished facial expressions and questions won’t be avoided.

2. Useless Box

It is the real name of this “astounding” device. This simple gadget is made in the form of a typical plastic box with one “on/off” button. After setting the button to the “on” position, a lever appears in the housing and switches it to the “off” position. No other functions are available on this uncomplicated device, although the exterior looks promising. The dimensions and shape of the most useless technology would have allowed the box to be used at least as a banal casket, but the inventors did not even allow this. Because you know, this is contrary to the idea of the gadget. Nevertheless, the box is awarded one more function: it can be assembled and disassembled, and for this, there is even a particular instruction. Apparently, the Useless Box is for sale (and the box is actually sold!), only thanks to the utmost sincerity of the creators about their products, which in our time is a rarity.

3. HAPIfork

In the 21st century, many creators of various gadgets invent something and call it “smart.” This fork is not an exception. The company Hapilabs introduced a “smart” fork named “HAPIfork.” According to the loud statements of developers, it can change the idea of food. Counting many times you bring the fork to your mouth during eating, the gadget records the ways and time you have left for that. The device also synchronizes with the smartphone via Bluetooth and sends results to the server of the company, where you can also get acquainted with your achievements and get personal recommendations. The usefulness of this gadget is doubtful: if you eat fried potatoes or chocolate cake (even very slowly), there won’t be any health benefits.

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4. Laser-Guided Scissors

Sometimes in the electronics market, there are simple household appliances with a real strategic value. Apparently, the creators of scissors with laser guidance tried to make such a useful device. “Such scissors are both a simple and ingenious invention. Laser guidance won’t let you miss, and you can easily cut out the most intricate pieces of cloth or paper … blah blah blah.” But here, it is almost impossible to do it qualitatively and accurately! Do not scold yourself for being armless! Because of the large size of the scissors, the sight shakes with the hand, and the straight line isn’t obtained. That’s why you’ll be able to feel the effectiveness of laser guidance only by having a firm hand and an eagle eye, which deems the invention useless.

5. TriZone 7000

Sounds intriguing, right? You might think that it is somehow connected with fun gadgets, but that’s where you’re wrong… I won’t torment, meet a “smart” toothbrush. The company Oral-B together with Braun has created a new toothbrush TriZone 7000, which connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0 and in real-time sends tips on brushing your teeth on your smartphone. The “smart” toothbrush for $ 220 is capable of registering every cleaning and keeping a detailed log, in which time, duration and mode of operation are displayed. The schedule can be sent to your dentist, or you can share it with your friends on Facebook (because that’s what you want your friends to know about you, no doubt). But if you care about the state of your teeth, instead of starting up another useless gadget, during each cleaning, turn on the timer and mark 3-5 minutes.

6. iTOi Booth

Again, the title of the category “What would that mean?” To some extent, it is connected with office gadgets, but still, it is useless. Have you ever wondered about looking on the screen of your relatives and friends when communicating via Skype or Facetime? Some are taking extreme measures to ensure that the angle from which the camera shoots was the most successful, and this device is for such users. The gadget looks like a pedestal that uses a patented optical lens system to adjust the angle of the iPad camera so that your eyes are always on the same level with the screen during video calls. According to the developers, iTOi Booth also improves the quality of the user’s voice reception and amplifies the sound from the tablet’s speakers. But it’s hard to believe that someone wants to buy such a huge and expensive thing only for such an unnecessary purpose.

In fact, there are much more useless gadgets than you can imagine, and it’s entirely unclear about what the developers of these “creations” thought. Despite this list, you can breathe a sigh of relief, don’t lose faith in humanity, people came up with lots of good and useful ideas, and this applies not only to technology but also to professional paper editing or home delivery services. All the same, don’t lose all hope in humanity, as there are worthwhile and amazing gadgets that give people joy and convenience.

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  1. My vote for a useless gadget would be toilet paper. Why have to ravage forests, pollute water and contribute to climate change just for the sake of wiping poopy? A washcloth rinsed in reclaimed water does a better job than environmentally destructive toilet paper does.


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