7 Best Bitcoin Wallet Apps For Android in 2018

The market of cryptocurrency is new, highly fragmented and widespread. Bitcoin is the first and the most popular cryptocurrency and that’s the reason why its storage wallets should be secure and confidential. Bitcoin Wallet Apps can be used to store, exchange, trade your coins online with de-centralized and peer to peer connection. It is recommended that Bitcoin wallets for Android shouldn’t be used to store a large number of bitcoins. There are over thousands of Bitcoin Wallet Apps available out there for Android from which choosing the perfect one is a difficult task. Thus, In this post, I’ve compiled a list of 7 Best Bitcoin Wallet Apps For Android in 2018 to store Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

7 Best Bitcoin Wallet Apps For Android in 2018

1. Coinbase – Buy Bitcoin & more. Secure Wallet

Best Bitcoin Wallet Apps For Android

With more than 11M customers and 38K merchants, Coinbase is one of the most popular Bitcoin Wallets for Android. It is great for trading bitcoin online and to buy and securely store bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, offering complete services for BTC, ETH, and LTC on both web and mobile. It is it easy to securely buy, use, and store digital currency using Coinbase.

Main Features

  • Buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
  • Connect Wallet with PayPal, Bank account, credit cards and debit cards.
  • Merchant Services (Coinbase Wallet is accepted at Dell, Expedia, and Overstock).
  • Secured Bitcoin Wallet.
  • Track real-time and historical bitcoin, Ether, and Litecoin price using Price Charts.

2. Blockchain Wallet. Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum

Best Bitcoin Wallet Apps For Android

Blockchain Wallet is the comprehensive Bitcoin Wallet app for Android. It offers many such features that a general Bitcoin trader needs. You can store your Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies in Blockchain Wallet for free. Blockchain Wallet allows you to securely store your funds, exchange Bitcoin, Ether, Bitcoin Cash and instantly transact with anyone in the world. There are more than 23 million Blockchain wallet users.

Main Features

  • Access your Bitcoin wallet on your Android device, anytime, anywhere.
  • Send and receive Bitcoin, Ether, and Bitcoin Cash instantly with anyone in the world.
  • Exchange your Wallet funds among Bitcoin, Ether, and Bitcoin Cash.
  • Advanced Two-Factor Authentication & PIN Protection.
  • 20+ currency conversion rates.

3. Blockfolio Bitcoin / Altcoin Wallet App

Best Bitcoin Wallet Apps For Android

Blockfolio Bitcoin Wallet is a secure and fast Bitcoin Wallet for Android. Blockfolio Bitcoin Wallet offers complete cryptocurrency management, with easy to use tools to keep track of all your cryptocurrency investments in one place. Using Blockfolio Bitcoin Wallet you can easily track over 2000 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Dash, Zcash, Tezos, NEM, NEO, IOTA, Monero, Ethereum Classic, OmiseGO, SNT, Qtum, Iconomi, Dogecoin, Golem, Waves, Stellar, DigixDao and many more!

Main Features

  • Observe all your blockchain assets at once.
  • Price Notifications and Alerts.
  • Candlestick charts, order book, and market details for every coin.
  • Latest Bitcoin and Altcoin news.
  • Track over 2000 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin.
  • Add a pin lock to safeguard your Blockfolio Wallet.

4. Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet

Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet

One of the most recommended Bitcoin Wallet for Android, Mycelium lets you send and receive Bitcoins using your Android Smartphone. The unparalleled cold storage functionality of Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet allows you to 100% secure your funds until you are ready to spend them.

Main Features

  • 100% control over your private keys.
  • Secure your wallet with a PIN.
  • Manage multiple accounts.
  • Find other people to trade Bitcoins with.
  • Share your bitcoin address using NFC, Twitter, Facebook, email and more.

5. BitPay – Secure Bitcoin Wallet

BitPay – Secure Bitcoin Wallet

BitPay Bitcoin Wallet App for Android is an independent solution to store and send funds anywhere. With more than 500,000 users worldwide, BitPay is one of the most convenient Bitcoin Wallet on Google Play Store. BitPay Wallet supports Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash transfers. With the BitPay Bitcoin Wallet, your private keys and your money remain in your control, all the time.

Main Features

  • Multiple Bitcoin wallet creation and management.
  • Integration for loading, managing, and spending the BitPay Wallet Visa Card.
  • Buying and selling bitcoin worldwide.
  • Device-based security: all private keys are stored locally.
  • Supports (BIP70-BIP73) Payment protocol .
  • Email Notifications.

6. Xapo


Xapo, A Bitcoin Wallet for Android users, is a convenient, easy to use and highly secure. It has more than 5 Million active users worldwide. It is handy and can be used safely to manage your Bitcoins and send money to your friends and family, instantly, all over the world.

Main Features:

  • Xapo Debit Card for in-store purchases.
  • Chat and send money to any email address or phone number.
  • Easily send, receive, and convert funds in all currencies.
  • Highly Secure Bitcoin Wallet for Android.
  • Top up your account with Bitcoin, cash, bank transfers, credit card.

7. Bitcoin Wallet

Bitcoin Wallet Android

The last but not the least, Bitcoin Wallet Android App is a popular cryptocurrency wallet used worldwide by traders and Bitcoin owners. Bitcoin Wallet Android app can be used to store, transfer, exchange Bitcoins online as well as offline (Bluetooth). Bitcoin Wallet Android App is de-centralized and peer to peer.

Main Features

  • Sending and receiving Bitcoin via NFC, QR-codes or Bitcoin URLs.
  • Conversion to and from national currencies.
  • Use Bluetooth to transfer Bitcoins.
  • App widget for checking Bitcoin balance.
  • No registration, web service or cloud needed.
  • Show Bitcoin amount in BTC, mBTC and µBTC.

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