7 Best Stock Market Apps For Android in India

Stock Market indefinite terms is a place where the share of companies that are publicly owned can be bought or sold either OTC (Over-the-counter) or through the centralized exchange. Summing it up in simple terms stock market is a place where you can buy, sell, and trade stocks any business day. Although there are certain risks investing in the stock market but not everything comes easily you first stumble and then gradually you learn as you go through.

You cannot directly invest in the stock market you need a broker for that purpose but from your end, you can stay updated about stock market through share market news and by reading every terms and conditions carefully before you invest. When investing in the stock market one should always be patient as success doesn’t knock your door every single day. Talking about qualifications that you need to invest in the stock market are as good as nothing because certifications won’t make you a billionaire in the stock market but your knowledge will.

Whether you are a businessman, college student or a person with savings it is open for all. So, once you invest in stock market tight up your socks to stay smart and updated, for this you can rely on your smartphone to get all the stock market updates, financial news, and other information. So, here are the 7 Best Indian Stock Market Apps for Android to fire up your investment in the stock exchange.

Best Stock Market Apps For Android in India:

  • MoneyControl
  • ET Markets
  • BSEIndia
  • NSE Mobile Trading
  • IIFL Markets
  • Stock Watch
  • Stock Edge

1. MoneyControl

Money control is an app on which you can easily rely upon for all you stock market updates and more because it is listed as Asia’ #1 app for business and finance. Money control provides all-day news coverage related with market and economy as well you can also track latest updates on Indian and Global financial market so that you know what is going on around the world. You can also watch expert’s opinion with live streaming and in-depth market stats for stocks, futures, and options. This app also has a paid version namely Moneycontrol+ which offers a faster and add-free experience.

Best Stock Market Apps For Android

Main Features:

  1. Latest market data.
  2. Listen to the news and articles with ‘Text to Speech’.
  3. Personalized watch list.
  4. Portfolio.

2. ET Markets

You can track market indicators in your preferred language because ET Market app is now available in 8 regional Indian languages. Keep yourself updated with all the share market news, business news, finance news, mutual-fund news and, so much more. Even if you are busy for some time, you can just sync the stories online and read them offline anywhere and anytime. Track BSE Sensex, NSE Nifty charts live and get share prices with advanced technical charting also get free share market tips and investment ideas with regular updates on world stock market.

Best Stock Market Apps For Android

Main Features:

  1. Live audio streaming of share market news, business news, finance news, BSE, and NSE.
  2. Live rates of US dollar, British pound, euro, yen, Australian dollar, dirham, yuan.
  3. One stop destination for mutual fund news.
  4. Available in 8 regional Indian languages.

3. BSE India

Bombay Stock Exchange which is one of India’s leading exchange group has come up with BSE India app so that you can see the changing market scenario and can also track your favorite stocks online, with the help of your android smartphone. BSE India provides you with streaming quotes, quick access to all the gainers and losers, corporate announcements and results, and much more. Also, create your own watch list and portfolio to easily track your investments.

Best Stock Market Apps For Android

Main Features:

  1. Google voice-based search for stocks.
  2. Currency derivatives and interest rate derivatives streaming quotes.
  3. Corporate announcements, corporate actions, results and board meetings.
  4. BSE SME platform quotes.

4. NSE Mobile Trading

NSE Mobile Trading app is a comprehensive trading and market monitoring platform. It provides with various features that will help you to monitor the ever-changing market in a simple way. The app offers real-time streaming quotes, charts, and also you can easily trade to all asset classes at anywhere and anytime you want. You can register to the app by your NSE registered trading number to get your user ID and password.

Best Stock Market Apps For Android

Main Features:

  1. Tracking portfolios and holdings.
  2. Fund transfer and monitoring margin utilization.
  3. Ease to trade hassle free across all asset classes.

5. IIFL Market

No question of reliability on IIFL market app as it has been awarded best mobile app for stock markets by Zee Business awards also it is the most downloaded share market app in India. Turn your smartphone into a stock market monitoring platform as IIFL Markets is packed with in-depth analysis, expert research reports, livestock prices, and market watch. Be it latest updates, expert opinion and price alerts IIFL Markets has them all and much more. Easily trade in NSE, BSE, MCX, and NCDEX, also set up your own alerts to have a complete market watch and much more functions to explore from that will help you in your complete stock market process.

Best Stock Market Apps For Android

Main Features:

  1. Smart investor tools.
  2. One tap support.
  3. News that directly links to your investments from BSE, NSE, NCDEX, and MCX.
  4. Detailed information about every company.
  5. Derivatives section for trading in Options and Futures.

6. Stock watch

Stock watch is an app which gives you the tools to follow BSE and NSE, which are India’s biggest and most important stock exchange. Keep track of your stock profile, get all the stock market news, keep tabs on the Indian economy, and various other tools to know about all the events related to stock market taking place. You also get live stock quotes, stock tips from Indian stock experts, also you can search for company names faster and easier and other features that will help you keep updated.

Best Stock Market Apps For Android

Main Features :

  1. Analyst corner.
  2. Futures and options.
  3. Stock Watchlist.
  4. Global indices.
  5. Livestock quote.

7. Stock edge

Stock edge is primarily based on BSE and NSE data and is completely focused on research and analytics. It is also a great app for beginners who have little knowledge about the stock market as they have a learn section which includes various facets of the equity market and at the same time analyze of market data. With their daily update section you can get all the current news and information, also you can keep track of all the big investors to make your decisions more wisely. It also provides with detailed stock research about everything going in and around with opportunity scan and much more. Not just trading, but you can also learn about capital markets, financial markets, equity, derivatives, etc. with a simple interface and very effective short videos.

Best Stock Market Apps For Android

Main Features:

  1. FII/ FPI & DII Cash and Derivatives with strong historical data visualization daily, monthly and yearly.
  2. Sector research.
  3. Create favorite daily scanners.
  4. Keep track of stock portfolio in multiple groups.
  5. Daily updates section for filtered major market tracking.

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