7 Best To-do list apps for Android

” The only thing important than your to-do list is your to-be list. The only thing more important than your to-be list is to be.”

One of the biggest setbacks in life is you just can’t always remember everything you are supposed to do. But remembering it is not important but ensuring that you keep a reminder is. There are hundred and one ways to do things, you cant knot your hanky or keep a count on your fingers. But why not put that smartphone of yours to use and turn it into a diary of your things waiting to be accomplished.

To-do list apps are some of the oldest available apps on both IOS and Android, but how do you know which one suits you the best?

Here we present, the best to-do list apps for Android.

  • Google Keep
  • ColorNote
  • OneNote
  • Evernote
  • Anydo
  • Tick Tick
  • Clevnote

1. Google Keep

Google keep makes it easy for you to capture a thought or list for yourself and share it with your friends and family. You can capture whats on your mind and get a reminder about it on your preferred time and place. You can even record a memo, capture an image and find it later on search.

Best To-do list apps for Android

Main Features:

  1. Works on your phone, tablet, computer, and Android Wearables.
  2. You can set location-based reminders.
  3. Color and add labels to code notes and to quickly organize and get on with your tasks at hand.

2. Colornote

ColorNote is easy to use, your very own notepad on your very own smartphone. You can write notes, e-mails, messages, shopping list and to do list. Taking notes with ColorNote is easier than any other app or memo pad.Best To-do list apps for Android

Main Features:

  1. Organize notes by color.
  2. Sticky note memo widget.
  3. Password lock notes.
  4. Share notes via SMS, e-mails or twitter.

3. One Note

One Note is a notebook app and is set up in a way that it brings the 3-ring binder experience to the digital era. You can easily use sections and pages to separate your thoughts by theme and if you are unable to put it in a particular theme then you can browse through the searches or go through all your notebooks.  You can use tags to label the notes and mark what is important. Organize in one place from any place.

Best To-do list apps for Android

Main Features:

  1. Collaborate and share with anyone.
  2. Notes at the speed of light.
  3. Works great with apps like excel or word.

4. Ever Note

”Use EverNote as the place you put everything. Don’t ask yourself which device it’s on- it’s on Evernote.”-  New York Times.

EverNote is the one stop application that you will ever need to organize your personal and professional projects. Evernote lets you take notes, create to-do lists, add images, scan documents with your camera, take handwritten, draw sketches and more.Best To-do list apps for Android

Main Features:

  1. Sync anywhere- with your tablet, phone, computer.
  2. Home screen widget.

5. Any.do

Any.do is an easy and simple must-have app on every Android application.

With over 10 Million downloads to keep life under control and get things done. You can sync your mobile, tablet or computer and keep a tab of your to-do list, tasks, reminders, calendar and agenda anytime anywhere.

With a simple and powerful calendar outlook, you can easily view your events and list.

Best To-do list apps for Android

Main Features:

  1. To do list, calendar and reminders made easy.
  2. Powerful task list management.
  3. Life organizer and daily planner.

6. Tick Tick

Tick Tick is an app that helps you in managing time and get things done. Make the most of your day and get things done, whether its an office related commitment or a personal goal you wanna achieve, a to-do list or a shopping list you can organize, plan and achieve them all in one place.

Easy to use with personalized features it is better than any other organization and time management apps.

Best To-do list apps for Android

Main Features:

  1. Handy widget.
  2. Flexible reminder.
  3. Sleek calendar.
  4. An instant task to do list reminder.

7. ClevNote

ClevNote is a useful memo app to help users to note down memos on a daily and conveniently. It’s your very own notepad or checklist on your smartphone. You can remember account numbers or details and put a birthday reminder, remember and manage your site ID’s. You can write a text memo of any size. In all, you can store task and information and manage them carefully.

Best To-do list apps for Android

Main Features:

  1. Reminder function.
  2. Home screen widget.
  3. Cloud backup and restoration through google drive.

Now that you know which app to use check it off your list.

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