7 Tips To Ensure The Best International Conference Calling

Many parts go into sustaining an efficient business. Factors such as employee business culture and quality customer service not only need to be addressed at all times, they need to be prioritized in your daily business activities. If any of these parts are not met, they can be damaging to the extent of eventually ruining your business model. That said, what’s most interesting about these factors is that the smaller and insignificant they seem, the more damaging they can be to your business as a whole. A good example of this can be seen with international conference calling. In the grand span of things, international conference calls might not seem as important as your daily marketing strategies for example. However, this small piece of your business has proven to be one of the biggest determining factors of the outside perception of your business.

In other words, it can give your business a bad reputation if it is not prioritized. Disadvantages like these are just a few of the reasons why international conference calls are so important. That being said, your business needs to make the necessary changes regarding international conference calls not only to avoid being damaged by disregarding it but also to benefit from it in the long run. With this in mind, let’s go over seven tips to ensure the best international conference calling for your business.

#1: Set A Pre-Call Scheduled Meeting

Before anything else is done to make the conference call goes smoothly, you need to prepare for it. If it means rehearsing what to say and when to say it, then so be it. As far as how to do this, this will come through setting up a pre-call scheduled meeting. This way everyone knows their role on your side of the call.

#2: Take Notes Of Both Sides Of The Call

During the call, one of the best things you can do to ensure it goes smoothly is to take notes. Doing so allows you to provide informational feedback to questions and also give advice in return. Overall, it makes your business seem more prepared.

#3: Consider Recording The International Call

Recording a call serves a similar purpose that taking notes does. The only difference is that is might be harder to respond during a live call. However, it is an excellent resource for post-call note taking and feedback.

#4: Keep Location & Time Zones In Mind

During an international call, one of the most important outside factors to keep in mind is location and time zones. Depending on where the call is connecting to and from, the difference in time can be very far apart. This is where pre-call preparation comes into play.

#5: Use A Reliable Conference Call Provider

Yet another important factor to keep in mind during international calls is the call provider you are using. There are many examples of lost connections during important calls because of poor quality international conference call providers. Simply put, invest the time and money int a quality provider as it brings more benefits than you realize.

#6: Don’t Rush/Interrupt Speaking Turns

As far as international conference call etiquette is concerned, perhaps the most important rule is to not interrupt anyone speaking. On the other hand, make sure to not rush your turn speaking as it can make it difficult on the other side to hear and take their notes.

#7: Consider Getting A Translator Even If Not Needed

Last but not least, a good rule of thumb to have during international conference calls is to have a translator on standby. Doing so helps break any language and cultural barriers that might be present during the call. Even if both sides don’t need a translator, having one anyway will allow you to hear the other side more precisely through the translator.

Conference Calling As A Whole

As a whole, keep in mind that a conference call is just one example of the importance of prioritizing the little things within your business. Again, no matter how insignificant they seem, paying attention to them can minimize any mistakes that could hurt your business in the end.

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