9 Tools Every Small Business Owner Should Use

It has become very difficult and almost impossible to grow a business from the ground up without any help from marketing tools. The fact is that embracing technological advances in business can take you a long way.

It does not matter whether you run a large enterprise or a start-up business, at some point, you will need a marketing solution. At this point in time, the world of business and tech have interacted too many times that it is almost unthinkable to have one without another.

We can name a plethora of marketing tools that can benefit your business all day. However, for the purpose of remaining factual and straight to the point, we will go through 9 of the best tools you can use right now.

Use The Tools to Further Your Business Today

As a business owner, it is your duty to continue to look for new methods to increase the income you get from your business. We will look at some amazing tools that have the ability to make this happen. Each tool will have a brief explanation of what it does and how it can be beneficial to your business.

1. Level Eleven

Level Eleven provides software targeted at improving the productivity of your sales team. Some of the great features it provides include the following:

  • Ability to look at the day-to-day performance of your sales team;
  • Isolate the sales behaviors that make changes in your sales process;
  • Provide every member of your sales team with the right information to keep everybody on the same lane.

With this kind of data, your sales team will be more focused on your various business campaigns.

2. Yelp

Yelp has become quite popular recently. It enables customers to rate different businesses and provides reviews on them. How can this tool make a difference in your business?

This tool will help you understand how you can modify your business to meet your customer’s expectations. You basically have a clear picture of the best way to approach your customers in order to sell them your product.

3. Canva

In order to have a great online business, you have to invest in the development of your website. Canva is a tool that will help you create amazing graphics and pictures for your business’s website. Canva provides amazing templates and high-quality images.

The best part about this tool is that it’s totally unnecessary to hire an expert designer. You can create the complete design as fast as possible without worrying about getting important design features wrong.

4. Newoldstamp

Every business that wants to get to a bigger audience requires an email signature. When you send emails to your subscribers, you can leave some information that will enable them to easily get in touch with you.

This is practically the role of an email signature. Although an email signature can be effective, a lot of businesses can go wrong, especially in designing it. The best way to avoid this is by using a tool such as NEWOLDSTAMP, which will create a great business email signature on your behalf.

5. SalesAutopilot

This tool brings three important aspects of the business together, these include:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • CRM

SalesAutopilot can help your business manage all of the above. You will receive the right support to help you understand your customers. As a result, you will be able to understand all the major aspects of your business and achieve more growth. This tool is also cheap, which is just an extra advantage of using it.

6. RegFox

When it comes to running your business, never leave a stone unturned. For example, many businesses advertise their products through public gatherings like conferences. The biggest issue with making such a decision is getting people to attend.

RegFox provides a solution to this problem. You can use this tool to help interested individuals to register for your events without any trouble. All the processing fees belong to you, so you get a good service for almost nothing.

7. Sniply

Sniply is one of the most effective marketing tools you can find today. The main role of this tool is to curate the content for your website. This means it can create interest from anyone viewing your website.

With increased interest comes the will to engage. Sniply adds special features such as CTAs and adding various links to your website, which will create drastic changes for your business. Another impressive feature provides you with the ability to monitor all the additions to check their effectiveness.

8. HootSuite

We all know that social media platforms can make a big difference, especially for small businesses. However, these changes can only be visible if the use of such platforms is well implemented.

HootSuite can help you share the content you create on various social media platforms. Some of the most popular include Facebook and Instagram. Additionally, a strong online presence will help you to reach out to more people. Eventually, your rise in popularity will increase the possibility of making sales to more customers.

9. Sellsy

If you are looking for a tool that will provide all the basic features to grow your small business, Sellsy is the one for you. This tool will provide solutions to any e-commerce related problem you can come across.

It also focuses on Customer Relationship Management and all other aspects that will help your business function as a single unit like ERP. Collaboration among members of your team will also improve due to the provision of a task management tool.

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Final Words:

The best way to make sure your business get to the top is by getting all the help you can get. Although that is true, sometimes all you need to do is identify your area of weakness and address it.

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