A Comprehensive guide to Checklist feature of Serpstat

Serpstat is a top notch Search Engine Optimization tool that makes the complicated task of increasing a website’s traffic easy for you. Increasing any website’s visibility is not an easy task because there are a lot of publications and blogs which provide good content on various topics on their respective websites. So it becomes very challenging for bloggers to beat their competitors and to grab a good ranking for their website.

Serpstat is a marketing tool that helps you to perform several SEO and PPC tasks which includes competition analysis, backlink audit, position tracking, and keyword research. Serpstat is essential for any blogger who is suffering from the shortage of good SEO strategies and needs to put effort to increase the organic traffic on his/her website. Serpstat is available at extremely reasonable prices and there is a free plan of it where you can get answers and information for around 30 queries and you can also access position tracking and site audit features in it.

The paid subscription plans of Serpstat are also very affordable. It is priced at $19/ month and it is the most affordable online SEO platform that you can get in the market. Serpstat also alerts you occasionally whenever you need to pay attention to some areas of your performance.

Serpstat is very beneficial for you as it can help you in many ways. They are:

    • It can research long tail keywords.
    • It analysis your competition in the market.
  • It optimizes PPC campaigns.
  • It analysis your backlink data and finds new link building opportunities for your business.
  • It fixes on- page and technical SEO errors.

Serpstat has come up with a new tool, Checklist. Checklist creates a to-do-list that you can use to keep up to date with your tasks. You can use Checklist to monitor the growth of your various projects.

Ways to use Serpstat’s Checklist:

There are numerous ways to use Serpstat in order to improve the SEO of your website:

1. Perform Site Audit

First of all, you need to log in to your Serpstat account and then perform a site audit to find out the technical SEO errors in your website and to fix them. Follow the steps to do this:

  • Navigate to “List of Projects” and choose “Add New Project”.
  • Type your domain name and click on ‘Create’.

Checklist feature of Serpstat

  • Now, Serpstat will show you an audit summary which will look like:

Checklist feature of Serpstat

You can see your website’s Serpstat Domain Optimization score and total errors present on your website categorized into high, medium and low priority errors. You can see the detailed information regarding the errors by clicking on the number of errors against each priority. You will also get suggestions on how to fix those errors. Carefully, go through all the errors on your website and especially the high priority errors because they can badly impact your website’s SEO.

Checklist feature of Serpstat

2. Check current performance of your Website

You can use Serpstat to check out the current performance of your website in paid and organic search engines. This way, you will get the idea on how to improve the ranking of your website’s content. You can do this by typing your URL in the search bar and then choose “With subdomains” option and click on ‘Search’. Serpstat will now show you an overview of your website’s performance in different areas such as PPC keywords, organic keywords, competitors in organic research, etc.

This will provide you an insight into the increase or decrease in the traffic on your website. Now you can strategize your SEO efforts accordingly.

3. Identify your website’s top Organic Competitors

You can also find out your website’s top organic competitors in order to beat them and grab the higher position against them. Because these are the websites from which you are facing the competition, in terms of common keywords. You can enter your domain in the search box and go to Domain Analysis > SEO Research > Competitors. Serpstat will show you a table of your top competitors in the market in terms of visibility, common keywords and quality.

Checklist feature of Serpstat

4. Check out your Competitor’s top viewed content

You can check out the most viewed content or articles on your competitor’s page using Checklist to know what kind of content is highly in demand. For this, enter your competitor’s domain in the search bar and go to Domain Analysis > SEO Research > Top Pages.

5. Search for your Competitor’s top-ranked keywords

Enter your competitor’s URL in the search box and click on Search. Click on organic keywords option to check all the top performed keywords and search volume of your competitors. Target those keywords of your competitors in your next content. And also remember to create better content than the existing content of your competitors to rank higher than them.

6. Find out Long Tail Keywords

By creating content with long tail keywords, you can get a better ranking in Google’s Search results. Think of any topic you would like to write on and type its keywords in the search box. Next, click on Organic keywords to see the suggested keywords on that particular topic. Pick up a keyword which has a low difficulty score and a low volume too. Choose the keyword which faces very little competition so that you get a higher ranking in the search results.

Checklist feature of Serpstat


These were some of the ways where Checklist can help you greatly. So if you are also looking to increase the visibility traffic on your website, go and upgrade to Checklist’s free version to use a number of benefits that are available for its customers.

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