A first look at Android 10’s New Emojis

Google has rolled out the bright and shiny (also dark, thanks to dark mode) Android 10 to its Pixel devices and soon, everyone will follow the suit. The performance and UX upgrades have been appreciated along with the new features but what’s more attractive is the new emoji layout. The search giant has brought about 236 new emoticons. It varies in shapes, sizes, colors, and expressions.

A first look at Android 10's New Emojis
Image Source: Emojipedia

Some new emojis that got my attention was a slab of butter, clean auto-rickshaw, an oil lamp and the diya which are very appropriate for Diwali. Also, a particular phone brand can now use emojis for their device’s colors.

According to Emojipedia, there are 236 new emojis. Almost 800 existing emojis have undergone a redesign. 300 of these changes are ‘made in the name of a more gender-neutral presentation.’ It notes that “Prior to this update, many emojis which didn’t specify a gender would be displayed as either their equivalent Woman or Man emoji.”

A first look at Android 10's New Emojis

As per Emojipedia, Google is the one one to follow Unicode guidelines. It states, “human-form emoji should normally be depicted in a gender-neutral way unless gender appearance is explicitly specified.”

Speaking about the new emojis, differently-abled people have been represented quite a bit and in a good sense. There are people holding hands and some new random shapes with different colors. A total of 71 hand-holding emojis can be seen and the variation is based on skin tones, which proudly represents interracial couples on Android. It also makes use of man-woman and gender-neutral icons. Users can also find accessibility-
orientated emojis, new animal emojis (8 new), and some new flags.

A first look at Android 10's New Emojis
Emojis from 2012 to 2019

There was a time when Google displayed a majority of human emojis but their gender was unknown. Specific options for women and men were added to the Unicode Standard in 2016, safely replacing These neutral designs on Android.


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