A leaked icon could reveal what Apple’s over-the-ear headphones may look like

The icon was first found in Find My App in iOS 14.3 beta.

A leaked icon could reveal what Apple's over-the-ear headphones may look like
Image source: Digital Trends

It’s long been rumored that Apple’s over-ear headphones are in the works, but there wasn’t enough evidence to back it up. Well, now we do. Steve Moser, a contributing writer for MacRumors that he found in a video in the Find My app in the beta version.

As you can see, the magnifying glass is hovering over the icons, and one of them is of the headphones. The other two icons look like a backpack, and a suitcase, that many people think is a hint of the upcoming, or rather rumored Apple Tile-like trackers. It means that you can quickly find your missing bags.

Back in March, 9to5Mac found two other over-ear headphones icons, which was an early build of iOS 14. Those had a different design than the one Steve Moser spotted.

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