A new tool in Photoshop will make object selection super-easy

Last year in January, Adobe updated its Photoshop with a new magical AI-powered selection tool which was teased two years ago. The demos showed its prowess. It was really impressive to see that with just one click, identifying a subject was made easy.

A new tool in Photoshop will make object selection super-easy

The only problem was that the image worked across the entire image. So if you wanted to select one subject out of multiple or isolate a particular item, you’d have to do some extra work. The new sneak peek reveals that the new AI-powered ‘Object Selection’ tool that’s coming to Photoshop will make selecting critical subjects easier than ever.

You’ll find this new feature beside the magic wand and quick selection tools, which is presented as a simple rectangle marquee. To achieve the desired effect, you’ll have to roughly cover the intended subject with the rectangle and Photoshop will automatically understand what you’re trying to select.

For instance, if you select an image of a group of friends, you can select just one person amongst the other friends, so you can easily replace the one person you don’t like. This feature will also work in reverse. Moreover, you can click and drag to subtract from a selection and if you need a bit more specificity than a simple rectangle, you can use a lasso instead. The said tool can be accessed in the Select and Mask workspace for those accurate edges.

As is the case with any technological tool, it ain’t perfect. So don’t get your hopes high. Although, it will reduce much of your task when it comes to selecting complex subjects or working across multiple images. But as the AI improves in the future, this feature will get some major updates. Adobe hasn’t pinpointed a date for the tool’s official launch, but as per some reports, the feature won’t be here soon.


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