All You Need to Know About Files Go App by Google

Managing the storage one of the most time taking tasks for the users to deal with, especially for those having phones with 16GB or less of memory storage.

Gladly, Google has launched Files Go, a file manager android application aiming to help the users easily manage the storage and enjoy their mobile time. Here are some of the features that will enable the users to free up space on their android phones easily:

1. Clear App Cache

Android, unlike iOS, allows the users to clear the app cache manually, and Files Go has taken this service a step further. Instead of clearing individual app caches, the users can clear the cache of all the mobile applications at once.

To delete the app caches, one needs to find the ‘App cache’ card in the suggestions, click on the ‘Free up space’ option and that’s it.

2. Find and Erase Duplicate Files

Files Go has introduced a built-in tool to scan your whole phone storage and find and remove all kind of the duplicate files.

To do so, search for the ‘Duplicate files’ card and tap on ‘Free up’ option. A list of duplicate files along with a small counter showing the total number of duplicates will be displayed. You can manually delete them, or enable ‘Smart Suggestions’ option which removes the older version of the duplicate files.

3. Delete Large Files

The file manager application shows a list of large files that hold the larger part of the storage, and this way, empowers the android users to remove them. Likewise, you can erase out all the media files from a particular mobile app, like WhatsApp.

For this, one needs to look for ‘Large Files’ card, click on ‘Free up’, select the files one wants to delete and click on the ‘Delete’ option.

4. Uninstall Idle Apps

Users often install a lot of applications, but hardly use them. Those apps remain on their Android phones, eating up the phone space. Files Go mobile app scans the apps not used in the last four weeks and allows you to free up space.

To scan the idle android applications, Files Go asks for access to the app usage. For this, one needs to look for ‘Find unused apps’ card in the file manager app. Then, select the ‘Find unused apps’ option, tap on ‘Go to Settings’ followed by ‘Files Go’ and ‘Permit Usage Access’. On performing these steps, the new Android’s file manager will show all the android apps not used for last one month along with the facility to free up space by uninstalling those apps.

Though the prime purpose of the application is to make the storage management easier, it also offers various other useful features like sharing files to nearby devices.

5. File Sharing

It works much similar to Apple’s AirDrop, employing a secure hotspot connection between two devices for file transfer. However, the file is not shared with random people. Rather, it is transferred only to the recipient who approve the connection between the two devices before transfer. To share the files, one has to visit the Files tab, select Send or Receive, and follow the prompts.

Google has launched the Files Go app to increase its user base in developing markets like that of India. However, the file manager is not restricted to Indians; all can install and use the app, and have better storage management experience.

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