Activate your Brand Awareness with these Engagement Driven Strategies

Good marketing makes the company look smart, but great marketing makes the customers feel smart. For the great marketing, you have to provide a great experience, and for the great experience, a solid brand awareness activation is required.

Brand activation is one of those events as brand organize to provide firsthand experience of their product or service to masses. This can turn out to be a strong brand awareness strategy and can build a solid impact on the company’s bottom line sales figure. However, building a compelling brand awareness strategy is not everyone’s cup of tea.

However, with right approach and research, sticking your brand like a song in someone’s brain is possible. That is why I am writing this article in which I am going to tell you some engagement driven strategies to activate your brand awareness.

Activate your Brand Awareness with these Engagement Driven Strategies

1. Specified Audience

Change comes from within. This quote can be applied while building a strong brand awareness. To activate your brand, you first have to connect with your existing customers in order to get direct responses. By existing customers means those people who not only have bought your product or service but also visited the company’s website, reading company announcements or shown interest in your brand through any mean.

These people are assets of any brand. These are the people who give the first insight into your brand and first reviews. A smart marketer is capable of building entire brand awareness strategy around that feedback. Through this, marketers can focus on the brand’s identified target market and can make their impression on the known market rather than trying their luck in a completely new one.

2. Actions you want your customers to take

After specifying target market, it is time to create some activities for them according to their interests and behaviour. Moreover, all these activities you want your audience to perform should also be around your goals. These goals are important to be quantifiable, and accomplishments of these goals have to be a priority of a marketer.

These actions you want your audience to take could be on and off the charts. You can design your goals in order to make a purchase from the customer on the activation day or after all the activities. However, keeping the accomplishment of goals in mind prior to awareness is imperative.

3. Add a value

Every marketer knows that industry is getting saturated day by day and the need of unique selling points have become necessary to have in this era. These USPs could be anything including value propositions and value additions. Value propositions are the most powerful tools to boost brand awareness.

Value addition could be anything. Even an offer or discounted deals could be the value your customers demand. All you have to find is the need of the market and how you can help them out in filling that need with your product. For example, students of this era are in a continuous quest of finding education assistance. That is why many online academic writing services always introduce different offers in the season to attract more customers to make them apart from others.

4. Right Use of Data Mining

Every campaign needs to be data-driven. For this, building up an understanding and segmentation of various customer groups is imperative. Being a marketer, you have to dig out all those relevant and interesting things about your market that can be used to ignite the urge towards your brand.

However, building this urge in the masses is long-term and requires a heavy investment that is why in the beginning, adding a filter to your audience is important. This filter would allow you to build a brand activation strategy which is more focused on the high-quality influencers. There are numerous filters or tools (technically speaking) available on the internet which can make customer segmentation easier for you.

5. Retargeting

Your job doesn’t end after closing your kiosk. Marketing is round the clock practice which has to be on customer’s mind every time. For this, retargeting people can play a vital role. Once you got details and data of your market, retargeting becomes much easier. Due to ever increasing use of digital forums for advertising and marketing, retargeting ads are playing a critical role in the brand awareness.

These ads can help you in recalling your brand to individuals, people who have visited your website or made contact with you through any forum or even people who are searching your name on any search engine. After watching your ad while browsing any website or just scrolling down his social media news feed, chances of enticing sale and purchase in the viewer brighten up.

6. Determination of audience’s response

After making all these efforts, it is time to check out either you have got something from it or not. These determinations can vary from goals that you set before planning. However, achievement of whatever goals you have set is imperative.

As far as brand awareness is a concern, this can be determined by analyzing different aspects of your campaign outcomes. The most crucial point which can establish the success rate of your campaign is engagements which you get in response to all your activities. These engagements can be in the form of feedback and response to your promotional content. However, determining the success rate of your campaign on the sales is not an appropriate standard due to several other things involved in it.

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