How To Add SWIPE UP Link in Instagram Story WITHOUT 10k Followers

Instagram has brought the world down to its knees, quite literally and figuratively. It has surpassed Facebook and other photo-sharing applications to become the most preferred platform where people share their intimate memories with the world. Moreover, the app is not only used by millions of people in the world for personal purposes but also by celebrities and other brands to promote themselves and keep their image alive in the minds of the audiences (or followers!)

The Facebook-owned application has been introducing new features (some eerily similar to Snapchat, hmmm…) which add to its glory of being the best photo-sharing site. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you might be aware of some of the exceptional features that users take full advantage of. Yes, I’m hinting at ‘Story.’ After Snapchat introduced this feature, originally might I add, it spread as a wildfire and people wished it were on the other communication/media apps they already used and Facebook soon granted their wishes. Facebook, Instagram and now WhatsApp support this feature and people upload their intimate photos everywhere!

Many Instagram users would agree that even though it’s a great app, mentioned aplenty in this article, it has some cons which are quite baffling. You know I am talking about adding a swipe uplink in the Instagram Stories. The feature is subtle yet very effective. Users can promote their blog or give shoutouts to some external links that will stay on for 24 hours, which isn’t much but is enough to attract the attention of your followers. Unfortunately, Instagram has set a limit, which is more of a prerequisite actually. And that is that one should have at least 10,000 followers on their Instagram, which a lot of people don’t have. Trust me, a lot of people don’t have such followers.

The reasons might vary a lot – Maybe you aren’t extensively active on Instagram, your photos do not have a wide appeal, your posts aren’t attractive at all (ouch) or we aren’t famous as Priyanka Chopra Jonas or Virat Kohli (more ouch). Other prerequisites to using this feature include having a verified account which, of course, people with less than 10K followers wouldn’t have. Well, there is a workaround to get this feature which doesn’t require your hard-earned cash. Dive into this step-by-step tutorial if you are the patient fella who thinks Instagram has been unfair.

How to Add SWIPE UP Link in Instagram Story WITHOUT 10k Followers

First and foremost, download IGTV from the Google Play Store. This is the only way to use the swipe up feature to add a link in your Instagram Story.

Step 1: Open the Instagram app on your smartphone and click on the camera icon located at the top left corner, or simply swipe right for your Insta Feed.

Add SWIPE UP Link in Instagram Story WITHOUT 10k Followers

Step 2: Choose any image from the gallery or snap a picture.

Step 3: Click on the link icon (resembles two chains) located at the top of the screen.

Add SWIPE UP Link in Instagram Story WITHOUT 10k Followers

Step 4: Now click on the IGTV video and select the IGTV video that you’d want to add in your story. If you are eligible, you will see + URL option.

Add SWIPE UP Link in Instagram Story WITHOUT 10k Followers

Step 5: Users can add a text or GIF as a Call-to-Action to encourage your followers to swipe up the screen.

Add SWIPE UP Link in Instagram Story WITHOUT 10k Followers


Users can add stickers, filters, and emojis in the Story to make it look more attractive. When Instagram introduced this feature, the limit was 1 million followers but it was reduced to 10K. Instagram will hopefully let all the users access this super helpful feature in a future update. Moreover, you cannot add clickable links in the normal posts so a workaround for that is to add the said link in your Insta bio.

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