How to Adjust Social Media Marketing to Different Generations [Infographic]

A generation gap is a well-known effect that appears between different age groups. It’s convenient to divide people into three groups basing on their age: baby boomers, generation X, and Millennials. Conflicts and misunderstandings arise between members of these groups quite often and it’s normal. Each of them gets used to certain tendencies, traditions, lifestyle, etc. Therefore, executives and CEOs can’t simply ignore these peculiarities.

Speaking of the online marketing, generation issue is worth consideration. It’s important to appeal to every user no matter what generation he represents. It covers information, the way you present the information, the influence that you make, etc. For instance, when you focus on the teenagers only, you lose a substantial number of potential clients. Therefore, it’s crucial to make your social media present universal.

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How to Identify Your Audience

When it comes to social media marketing, it’s important to know your audience. Many free and paid tools allow figuring out your potential clients. Among the most convenient and popular tools are Google Analytics, Facebook Business Page Insights, and Consumer Barometer.

Once you understand who your potential clients are, it’s time to brainstorm the special tricks that will grab the attention of each group.

Social Media Marketing

Infographic is presented by Personal Money Service.

Marketing to Baby Boomers

Here are four universal recommendations that will give credibility to your service from the point of view of baby boomers.

1. Develop and Increase Brand Loyalty

A great variety of products and services might confuse representatives of the Boomer generation. Twenty years ago they tended to choose between two brands, they had time to test it and be loyal to their choice for a long time.

The situation has changed. The goal of every executive who works with baby boomers is to show the high quality of the product/service. If your older clients realize that the quality is outstanding and your service won’t disappoint them, you will get one of the most loyal clients ever.

2. Benefit from Up-Sells

Up-sells is a process of persuading clients to purchase something extra or something more expensive. It’s like when you come to buy a Chevrolet but end up buying a Ferrari. It’s not a fraud. Everyone is happy.

Baby boomers are the generation, who loves entertainment, extra services for a tempting price and you can make them happy and simultaneously benefit from it.

3. Offer Cash-Back Option

48% of Boomers admitted that they rely on credit cards and they like those points that they get for using. Cash-back is a sort of a compliment that can help to build lasting client relationships.

4. Focus on Traditional Marketing

Baby boomers prefer traditional marketing and sales. They try to get used to shopping via the Internet and smartphones but they won’t reject talking to the real person and testing products first.

Marketing to Generation X

One thing that distinguishes Gen Xers from boomers and Millennials – they are super busy. Currently, they are on the top of their career, they bring up children, save for their vacation and retirement, deal with mortgages and tuition. Nevertheless, they do use the Internet.

Keep in mind that there are nearly 290 million Internet users in the USA and they might visit your website. Here are the other three working recommendations that will help you to build a fruitful relationship with Gen Xers.

1. Offer Coupons and Special Offers

While experts don’t recommend offering discounts to Boomers, they insist on launching coupons and special offers when it comes to working with Gen Xers. They started their professional way in the time of the Great Recession. Now, Social Security issue is quite painful and they are likely to take coupons and discounts.

2. Establish Long-Lasting Contact by…

… making their busy lives a little easier. Some services send useful updates to the emails of students or young Moms, for instance. That’s the smallest things to make their lives easier. Others prefer to send disposable goods regularly to facilitate cleaning in the house.

3. Contribute to the Vacation

According to the survey, about two-thirds of Gen Xers plan to go on vacation in the next 12 months. Even if your services don’t relate to the tourism, you can offer something that would facilitate their holidays – some goods that they could use, security options, etc.

Marketing to Millennials

Millennials are the children of information and the digital era. They spend time shopping online and innovations excite them. When you work with Millennials, you should focus on the social media, a good reputation that thousands of reviews prove, and innovations. Keeping up with times is something that attracts younger clients. Rewards and loyalty programs are bonuses that will increase the credibility of your service.

Some experts say that services should be universal. Still, every executive has to do a lot to make the service universal. What is universal and simple on the surface, is very time-consuming and complicated in the reality. So, you should conduct a research on the demographics, analyze the results and combine all aforementioned approaches to ensure the results.

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