Adobe Premiere Pro will Reframe Videos for Social Apps

California-based Adobe will soon introduce a feature that will make the Millenials swiftly switch to Premiere Pro, the company’s powerful video editor. This will save a lot of time for people who are constantly on social media, promoting or marketing a brand as editing videos for social apps in different aspect ratio is a tedious task. Adobe announced this upcoming feature in a YouTube video.

Dubbed as ‘Auto Reframe,’ this feature automatically identifies the main action happening in the video and crop and pan the frame around that footage. This will be done in order to fit within various ratios like square, vertical, or 16:9 videos. This is an AI-based feature, that the firm calls Adobe Sensei, the company’s artificial intelligence platform.

Adobe Premiere Pro will reframe videos for social apps

Auto Reframe was introduced recently at the International Broadcasting Convention. It can be utilized in Premiere Pro’s timeline and users can choose between three motion presets, Slower Motion, Default, and Faster Motion that works in convention with the algorithm to know how much movement to expect in the video.

The said effect will produce motion keyframes in your content, which can also be manually adjusted for fine-tuning. It also does the convenient work of resizing text for each aspect ratio, which will save video editors a lot of time.

Adobe is paying attention to content creators lately, which is conspicuous with the release of Adobe Rush for mobile. Auto Reframe will be made available on Premiere Pro later this year.


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