All Popular Snapchat Filter Names You Should Know

Snapchat, which was launched in 2011, has gained the spot as the most versatile photo-sharing app. And we know why – The filters! You can be an adorable looking half-human, half-dog breed, or wear all the expensive jewelry.

Due to Instagram, Snapchat’s popularity has waned. Nevertheless, people use it for their enchanting filters. Today, we are going to tell you all the filters that might take the boredom off your work. Grab your phone and redefine your selfie-game with this list as we are going tell you about all popular Snapchat filter names.

All Popular Snapchat Filter Names

It’s very easy to use the filters in Snapchat. Go to your profile > Settings > Manage > Filters. Once you fire up your camera (in the app), tap on the screen and you’ll see plenty of small circles. Those are the effects. Scroll through them and have fun.

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1. BASIC FILTERS – The usual filters we’ve come to love.

  • Brighten
  • Sepia
  • High Contrast
  • Black and White
  • Speed Overlay
  • Temperature Overlay
  • Altitude Overlay
  • Time Overlay
  • Slow Speed (video only)
  • Speed Up (video only)
  • SuperSpeed (video only)
  • Reverse (video only)
  • Special Occasion (For only a limited time, they appear generally on holidays or an event)

2. Geofilters – Related to a specific location.

Listing all the geofilters is rather impossible. Snapchat also lets you create your own filters for special occasions.

What is a Geofilter?

Snapchat introduced Geofilter back in 2014. 

Geofilters will appear only if you are at a specific location, like say climbing Mount Everest or attending an event at another location. If you don’t see any geofilters, it might be because you simply forgot to toggle on your location settings or none exist at your current location.

Geofilters work similarly to traditional Snapchat filters but the major difference is you need to have location sharing turned on.

Geofilters on-demand:

These are custom-made, time-bound, location-bound filters that cater to specific events. They might include weddings, birthdays, etc. They cost over $5 and need to be approved by Snapchat.

Community Geofilters:

These filters can be used in and around festivals, landmarks, schools, etc. that are created by designers and artists. Unlike on-demand filters, community geofilters are free to create and use but Snapchat’s approval is mandatory.

BASIC FILTERS – The usual filters we’ve come to love

• Neon
• Location overlay
• Bee filter
• Avicii filter
• Blue color tone
• Broken mirror

3. Snapchat Lenses

Get this straight – Filters are the effects that you can add to your snap after taking a photo or video, while lenses show up while you are taking the photo. Also, keep in mind that the lenses change every day. so there’s no guarantee that you’ll always have access to your favorite lenses. The following is a list of lenses that are almost always available.

  • Dog with Tongue Hanging Out
  • Classic Flower Crown and Glow
  • Pink Glow Flower Crown
  • Puking Rainbow
  • Rosy Cheeks Re-Touch
  • Dancing Hotdog
  • Face Swap
  • Camera Roll Face Swap
  • Extreme Sad Face
  • Golden Butterfly Crown


If you are in no mood for a makeup session for a photo or your beard tells your lazy story, Snapchat has several beautifying filters. They have an airbrush effect on the virtual you. In short, these filters will make good-looking.

  • Black and White with Red Lipstick and Eyeliner
  • Black and White with Colored Sunglasses
  • Jeweled Eyes and Pink Lipstick
  • 50’s Glam [Red Lipstick and a Kerchief Headband]
  • Scruffy Beard and Chiselled Jawline
  • “I Love You” Fog
  • Comic Book Drawing
  • Cat Ears, Eyes, and Nose
  • Purple Lipstick and Tattoos
  • Halo and Beam of Light
  • Love bubbles


These filters are in place to make you look terrifying. Be it a zombie or lizard face lens, these filters will ensure that your friends have sleepless nights.

  • Marshmallow Being Roasted
  • Screaming Zombie
  • X-Ray Skeleton Skull
  • Human-Pug Hybrid
  • Molten Plastic Mask
  • Face on Fire
  • Your Mouth As Eyes
  • Spider Hat
  • Thundercloud and Glowing Eyes
  • Lizard Face Lens


Popular Snapchat Filter Names
Baby filter

Who doesn’t enjoy a good laugh? And if it comes from some hilarious filters? Snapchat has a few filters that manipulate your facial expressions to make it look funny.

  • Baby Filter
  • Cat on Head
  • Eyes Popping Out of Your Head
  • Big Eyes Big Mouth
  • Tiny Chin Big Eyes
  • Big Mouth and Nose
  • Tiny Mouth
  • Bubble Gum Explosion
  • Scuba Diver
  • Crying Eyes
  • Heart Eyes
  • Avatar Bending.
  • My Twin
  • 5 head
  • Broccoli Head
  • Blue Shark
  • Voice changer
  • Frog lips
  • SpongeBob SquarePants


If you hate your job or current situation, these filters will give a (virtual) life of a braveheart firefighter, or a pilot with flight goggles. Be someone else for a photo.

  • Firefighter
  • Police Officer
  • Pilot with Flight Goggles
  • Age Yourself (Wrinkles and a Monocle)
  • Grandma Glasses and Head Wrap
  • Elvis
  • Magazine Cover
  • Nerd
  • Red Riding Hood
  • Santa Claus


We’ve all seen friends with dog ears and tongue. Even though it became irritating to see it almost everywhere, we can agree in unison that Snapchat has nailed the animal-styled themes. So, this is your time to be a rapping Bee or cute Racoon.

  • Voice Changing Deer
  • Buzzing Honey Bee
  • Rapping Bee
  • Zebra Face
  • Glam Lion with Eyeliner
  • Animal Ears with Glasses (Click to switch between multiple animals)
  • Rainbow Puking Unicorn
  • Mouse Ears with Cheese
  • Realistic Monkey Face
  • Racoon
  • 4-in-1 Bunny filter
  • Dancing Koala
  • Pink Panther
  • Black Bunny


Aren’t bunnies cute? This category of Snapchat lenses turns a bunny into a demon. The selection of these lenses are pure evil – a devil who turns into an angel. Enjoy these lenses if you are into weird stuff.

  • Green Sick Face with Thermometer
  • Demonic Bunny
  • Screaming Orange
  • Boxing with Black Eye
  • Lights Out With Spiders
  • Devil to Angel Transition
  • Poo On Head with Flies
  • Angry Skull
  • Laser Eyes
  • Evil Laugh with Creepy Moustache


Are you a foodie enough to have a tomato face? With these lenses, you can wear food on your head or make it your face. I’d rather eat it.

  • Face in Bread
  • Tomato Face
  • Strawberry Head
  • Donut Face
  • Taco Face


I would actually prefer a year with just winter rather than summer. At least you can add clothes. This group of filters will hit the sweet spot when it comes to winters. Have snowfall on you or wear ski goggles as if you are going for a good ski.

  • Snow Falling
  • Crocheted Moose Hat
  • Snowball Sling Shot
  • Ice Crown with Frozen Screen
  • Ski Goggles


So, these lenses are so weird that I can’t categorize them. Can you make heads or tails of them?

  • Sleeping beauty
  • Under the Sea Crown
  • Cartoon Bunny
  • Andy Warhol
  • Shattered Screen
  • PomPom Headband With Color Changing Lipstick
  • Spa Day (Cucumber Eyes, Facemask, and Towel)
  • Duck Bill with Purple Eyeshadow and Glasses
  • Emoji Monkey
  • Alien Abduction
  • Llama Face
  • Broken Mirror
  • Wolf Whistle with Heart Eyes
  • Inside a Fish Bowl
  • Cyclops
  • Iron Man System View
  • Frog Face with Bowler Hat
  • Tiki Hut
  • Motorcycle, Bandana, and Beard
  • Fish Face
  • Sheep on Head


1. Baby Face Filter

2. Dog with Tongue Hanging Out

3. Face Swap

14. Best Snapchat Filters of All Time 

If you are on Snapchat(even if you are not), you might have seen these Snapchat filters.

1. Flower crown2. Baby Face
3. Face Swap4. Dog with Tongue Hanging Out
5. Cute pink furry ears6. Vogue Noir by Tyler Allen
7. Hearts around the head8. Mouse
9. Butterfly Crown10. Cartoon glasses with freckles

15. F.A.Qs (People also ask)

Do Snapchat filters have names?

Yes, All the Snapchat filters have names.

How to use Snapchat filters?

  • Go to your profile
  • Then go to ⚙️Settings.
  • Tap on Manage.
  • Now select Filters.
  • Fire up the camera and you will see lots of filters.

The list of lenses will never end as Snapchat keeps adding more. But, this was our list of all popular Snapchat filter names and lenses that are the most loved by users to communicate with their pals online. Do you use Snapchat? If yes, what are your favorite filters/lenses? Did this article help you learn about Snapchat Filter Names?  Let us know in the comments below.

What are the most popular Snapchat filters & lenses?

These are some of the most popular Snapchat filters:

  • Flower crown
  • Baby Face
  • Face Swap
  • Dog with Tongue Hanging Out
  • Cute pink furry ears
  • Vogue Noir by Tyler Allen
  • Hearts around the head
  • Butterfly Crown
  • Cartoon glasses with freckles and leaves
  • Deer face
  • Bigmouth
  • Rabbit ears and snow
  • Pink blossom
  • Wide face
  • Beauty
  • Animal ears and glasses
  • Hearts around the head




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