All You Need to Know About Canva 2.0

It is no secret in saying that graphic contents are accepted way more among the readers and viewers in comparison to text-only articles. As on social media, you will find that post with images get over 200% more shares than content without visuals. The reason being everyone is in a hurry nowadays, no one wants to read a full advertise or posts if their images aren’t pleasing. And so, if you are a blogger, PR professional, social media marketer, or just a casual person who loves to post cool stuff on social networking sites, then it is time to level up your game. As no one here will give you pity likes and shares for a post that is not deserving or appealing. And to help you on this quest, one of the most popular and loved graphic designing application Canva has released an updated version that is the Canva 2.0.

What is Canva 2.0?

Well, before understanding Canva 2.0, if you are someone who is living under the rock and don’t know anything about Canva in the first place. Then it is a graphic designing tool which helps to make any content much more impressive and appealing. On canva, you can find thousands of templates with beautiful pictures, fonts, and other such convenient tools, which not only gives your editing a professional touch but is equally easy to understand. With the help of such tools, anyone can create attractive images, visuals, presentions, and many more such things for various social networking sites.

But, as it is to say there is always a room for improvement, and keeping this in mind, Canva has now updated their application to Canva 2.0. It is packed with brand new features which are inspired by their designer community. The version is faster, more reliable and most of all better than ever! The innovative features include new functionality, such as animations, websites, interactive presentations, and even more powerful search. With canva 2.0 you can practically design anything and publish anywhere!

All you need to know about Canva 2.0:

Following are some of the brand new features that Canva 2.0 offers to its audience.

1. 100+ Languages:

No matter what language you speak, Canva 2.0 has got you covered for a smooth and reliable experience. As the new version includes 100+ languages, from widely spoken Spanish dialects to indigenous languages only spoken in certain parts of the world.

2. Autoplay presentations on Loop:

Easily turn your slideshow into a TV billboard with the new feature for presentations only in Canva 2.0. As this feature with automatically play your presentations on a loop which will be perfect for trade shows and lobbies alike. For using this feature simply select “Present” from the Publish drop-down, then select “Autoplay”. And that’s it, now your presentations will effortlessly be informative to your audience.

3. Publish directly:

In this fast-moving around you barely have time to publish your content on different social networking sites by going on to each one of them individually! But with canva 2.0 this task has rather become much easier. As now you can instantly share your edited content on LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Slack, and many such more. Simply click the “Export” button, then find your favorite site and unleash your creativity to the world.

4. Create beautiful websites:

The Canva magic is now implied on websites too! As now making your own webpage will hardly take a few clicks. The reason being Canva 2.0 has 100 beautiful templates and 4 slick navigation styles, with a better menu bar.

5. Schedule posts with Canva Schedule:

With Canva schedule you can schedule your posts for hours, days, or even weeks in advance! As canva schedule will then automatically post them accordingly to the plan that you have set. So, now the time and social networking sites can both be in your control.

These are just some of the cool features that Canva 2.0 has to offer. But there are many more under their sleeves! And if you are wondering whether this so good-to-look package is free or not? Then it is free but similar to the old Canva version, those who want to get access to additional features they can purchase add-ons through a new App tab.

So, with this new Canva 2.0 update, one thing is sure, that the life of Canva users will now get more simplified. As apart from the editing features, Canva 2.0 has a lot to offer such as a Canva assistant and a new App Tab for easy access.

So, let us know in the comment box below how you liked this new update. And also don’t forget to share this article on social media too.


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