All You Need to Know about PlayStation 5 Release Date and Features

The world of gaming has been abuzz with rumors and news about new hardware. A number of them have already been shown the light of the day, and some others have been either unveiled or teased by their creators. But the one console that everyone is looking forward to about learning more is the Sony PlayStation 5. More specifically, when will the PlayStation 5 release date be, and what can we expect from it?

All You Need to Know about PlayStation 5 Release Date and Features

PlayStation 5 Release Date

One of the most asked questions related to Sony’s upcoming console has to do with when we can expect to see it. While it is hard to come to a conclusion on that front just yet, the good news is that Sony’s top officials have already confirmed that it is happening. SIE America CEO Shawn Layden has already assured fans recently that the PS5 will be a leap towards the next generation of gaming, and that the company sees it as a necessary act of progression. So although many companies are opting out of the generational cycles, we can see that Sony is intent on treading the old ways.

However, Layden has also said that the PS5 release date is still a while away, so a bit of waiting is in order. While he did not name a window, rumors suggest that the release date of the PS5 is likely to be around 2019 or 2020. The news comes from sources inside the development of the console in the making and has been supported by noted industry analysts as well.

However, speculations are rife regarding when Sony may officially announce the new console. While some suggest that the company will choose E3 2018 as the platform to give the world the first look at their new gaming hardware generation, others are of the opinion that they would do best not to make the announcement a whole year earlier than its estimated release. Perhaps, after all, we will see Sony announcing as well as launching the PlayStation 5 in 2019 itself.

PlayStation 5 Features

With worries about the possibilities of getting a new PlayStation 5 out of the way, the next thing to concentrate on is the features of the upcoming console. It is believed that Sony is already hard at work developing the console, and they have been at it for a while. This apparently means all kinds of good things for fans of Sony, as a new PlayStation will mean a load of brand new exclusive games that Sony is renowned for doing. But coming to the matter of games, the one thing that has been on everyone’s minds is the issue of 4K support.

On that front, all the information that we have has come from unofficial sources, but they definitely sound credible. One of them, an insider closely associated with Sony, had pointed out that the company was going ahead of their rival console makers Microsoft by implementing a discrete GPU. On the other hand, it is more or less a given that Sony wants to bring native 4K tech to their next hardware upgrade in a move that will make a pioneer out of it.

Besides that, other speculations suggest that the new PlayStation 5 would not do away with the PlayStation backward compatibility program. This would ensure that while Sony is heralding in the future, there still remains a link with the past. What that means regarding the specs, however, is still very much unknown.

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Wrap Up

If Sony decides on 2019 as the PS 5 Release Date, the chances are that we will not see the console being announced until the arrival of that year. Still, we expect the rest of 2017 and the interim year before the launch to be full of teases and leaks. We hope to find out more soon.




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