All You Need to Know About Search Engine Marketing

SEM (Search Engine Marketing), It is the process of gaining traffic and visibility from search engines through both paid and unpaid efforts. In short, it is the process of gaining website traffic by purchasing ads on search engines.

SEM may also incorporate SEO (search engine optimization) which adjusts or rewrites website content to achieve a higher ranking in search engine results pages to enhance (PPC) that is pay per click listings, By increasing the site’s ranking, you can target the shoppers actively searching for your product, drive more traffic to your site and significantly increase your conversation rate, so basically SEM involves the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in (SERP) Search Engine Result Page.

All You Need to Know About Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine

These search engines use algorithms which provide most relevant results to every user. Producing best suggestions to their queries, they not only consider search keywords entered by users but also users location, type of device used by the user and operating system they are working on, user preferences and also their identities. Simply, better the search algorithm better the result.

Search engine marketing works with two different approaches –

  • SEO method (earning traffic through unpaid listings)
  • PPC Ads (buying traffic through paid search engines)

Based on the first method (Search Engine Optimisation) there are two popular methods, Organic and Non-organic.

Organic method

It is more concentrated towards the content creation, building hyperlinks, meta-tag optimization, and keyword enhancements so on so forth, but basically it is inexpensive and yield late effect and also focuses on long-term results and cannot be affected financially and also requires less management if content is good, this process can also be called as ”White Hat search” tactic.

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This method mainly focuses on short-term results, it is speedy and brings immediate effect and is very expensive and can be affected financially, this method also requires the high degree of management, and Inorganic search is “Black Hat search” tactic.

There are different general steps involved in search engine marketing –

Define Effective Strategy

  • Identification of target followed by identifying their needs and motivations.
  • Highlighting product best to serve their needs and review the business position in the marketplace, and identifying specific goals such as search ranking, sales, website traffic, and other ROI metrics.

Choose Right Keywords

  • Selection of most relevant phrases which suits to business, and select those phrases which are frequently searched by target customers.
  • Conducting brainstorm sessions for potential terms for customers when thinking about the product, Employ a keyword research tools to compile a list of highly searched terms.

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Optimising Website Content

  • Focus on website structure to keep it simple, the search engine looks for the underlying code of your website when they visit the website.
  • Usage of new keyword phrases relevantly in pages title tags, heading tags, directory names, file names, alt tags and meta tags, the meta description is important as it gains is a great opportunity to bring visitors to the website.

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Submitting Website For Indexing

It should be visible online to the customers, to ensure that all the pages of a website are completely indexed by the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Addition of Quality Links to the Website

Building links from valued links of other websites that have frequent targeted visitors, the more quality inbound links the more popular website with Google and other engines, website content should be link-worthy by creating interesting and informative content on your website such as blog trends so on and so forth.

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Tips for PPC Search Engine Marketing:

To run a successful SEM campaign, you must consider certain things before placing bids for the keywords:

  • The site listed for ads should be of top quality and provide useful information. Also, navigation should be easy, perfectly designed, and appealing.
  • You must do thorough keyword research and pick the targeted keywords. Make sure the selected keywords and phrases are exclusively related to your service, business or product.
  • Users should get valid information from your website when they type particular keyword or phrase, otherwise, you are simply wasting your time.
  • Always, pick the keywords having low competition than the keywords with a medium and high competition. When you go for high competitive keywords, you should pay more for clicks and will be less likely to occupy to top search results.
  • Before starting the campaign, you must set a budget for PPC and follow it strictly.

Beyond Search Engine Marketing

The main aim of the story is to get qualified visitors for your website. It’s your duty to engage those visitors and make them spend some decent time on your site, and convince them to visit again. Finally, you should bring the traffic to your website, else your hard earn money, time and the effort you invested will go ruin.

How to get to know your audience better?

All You Need to Know About Search Engine Marketing

Visitors will stay on your website only when they find the information what they are looking for. They are least bothered or nothing to do with how much you invest in optimising your website or how great is your website. To provide the best information, you must clearly know and understand your audience.

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Today, most of the people depend on search engines, to get any information, people always look up search engines. With the keywords they type in the search engines, they will find you or your competitors. Make sure to know the keywords used by your targeted audience so that you can rank better than competitors and increase your sales.

Understand your audience thinking

Also, it’s mandatory that you do thorough research on what your audience is thinking when they are typing the keywords on the search engine. The vital things to consider include:

  • Your company’s name
  • Company’s Category
  • Your company’s mission and programs
  • Company’s solution to problems

Know the behaviour of your audience

Furthermore, the next important thing to consider is how to differential your audience from each other. Dividing your audience into groups having unique needs and wants that helps in creating an amazing website for all your visitors. The best way to change your website to meet the requirements of each and every audience is to create personas. Your website doesn’t get traffic from one type of individual, each has unique mindsets, needs and wants. Personas create archetypes representing a wide range of audience. Things to consider while creating personas: wants, needs, roles, backgrounds, queues, demographics, decision styles, and words & phrases.

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