All You Should Know About The New Drone Policy In India (2018)

We live in a digital age where we enjoy the various fruits of the latest technological tools and advancements. And one such technology is letting an aerial vehicle to fly over in sky. Without any pilot or crew members. And if you still haven’t figured out what is this? Then to clear the clouds, that unmanned aircraft is called a ‘drone’. It is an aerial vehicle system which has two parts, the drone itself and a control system. Because even though it works without a team it still needs a remote control system to fly.

What is a Drone and How it Works?

New Drone Policy In India

The way drone work is that they are made up of light composite materials. Which, helps in reducing its weight and increases movability. Drones are equipped with different state of the art technology and are controlled by a remote control system which is also called as a ground cockpit. It has both sensors and navigational systems and hence has no space or need for any human to accommodate. And because of its lightweight and over the top features drones are actually used by a large number of people varying in different professions. But even though of its stunning features flying a drone in India was still a dicey matter. Because it was not yet approved by the Indian Government.

Legal Status of Drone in India (New Drone Policy In India)

But gone are those days when you have to think a million time before taking an aerial shot with a drone. Because the legal status of operating a drone in India has been changed and completely approved. As earlier this month, the Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), the authority which regulates the civil aviation in India. Has released a new draft which allows drone flying regulation legal in India. Although the new regulations released by DGCA is a little tougher than those followed in other foreign countries. But now at least India is accepting the technology of drone flying with open arms. So now not only photographers will get the opportunity to show the best of themselves. But also it will be great for a number of commercial purposes.

Drone Types and Sizes

New Drone Policy In India

Even though the new regulations state the usage of drone in India to be legal. But there are certain rules and regulations that must be followed. So to understand the rules better first have an idea about the drone sizes and its weight. As drones come in a wide variety of sizes and are being categorized as follows –

  • Nano: up to 250 gm
  • Micro: up to 2 kg
  • Small: up to 25 kg
  • Medium: up to 150 kg
  • Large: more than 150 kg

So if you are flying a nano drone which is up to 250 gm for recreational purposes, then you don’t need any permission. But if the size of your drone is classified under mini and above, you will need several permissions from the respective authorities.

Where not to Fly a Drone?

Flying drones for a personal or commercial purpose is valid but using it to harm others is definitely wrong in the eyes of law. So don’t fly a drone in restricted areas where such shooting is not allowed. This includes places falling under 50km from International borders. 500m into the sea from the coastline and within 3km from the perimeter of military installations. Also, drones should be excluded from at least a 5km of radius from government buildings and national parks etc. There can’t be done any harm to humans or animals or anything hazardous.

So, if the Indian Government has taken this initiative it is a legal responsibility of people owning drones to take care of the legalities as any violence of the rules will be acted on under relevant sections of the IPC and the Aircraft Act 1934.


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