7 Alternatives To The Amazon Echo in 2018

As artificial intelligence got developed, innovative companies sought out ways to implement it into everyday products. Amazon achieved this by creating the so-called Amazon Echo smart speaker that features a personal assistant “Alexa”. Now, it is one of the most popular products of its kind in the market. Nonetheless, there are quite a few other inventions that can be used as an alternative for the Echo speaker.

7 Alternatives To The Amazon Echo in 2018

1. Google Home

Alternatives To The Amazon Echo

Business competition hardly gets any better than Amazon versus Google. Both companies are online based, yet the scope of their services is quite different. Regardless, Google developed its own product that can compete with Echo. It features the ability to stream media and apps like Spotify, Youtube, Google Music, and so on. It also contains a voice assistant and alarm capabilities. One of the most obvious benefits of Google Home is the fact that its design makes it look more smooth and less speaker-like.

2. Triby

Alternatives To The Amazon Echo
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In case someone is specifically looking for Alexa smart assistant but has no intention of getting the Echo speaker, this is one of the best alternatives. Triby is produced by Invoxia and features the Amazon artificial intelligence. It comes in a more portable shape that somewhat reminds of a small case. The battery life it comes with guarantees up to 12 hours of playback time while connected to Wi-Fi, but the total non-music runtime is up to 20 days. Furthermore, it can be programmed to control home features like light, lamps, TVs, and more.

3. JAM Voice Portable Speaker

Alternatives To The Amazon Echo

Just like Trivy, JAM speaker also comes with Alexa voice at a much lower cost. In reality, it is the only device that will be a price competitor to the Echo speaker. Compared to most other products, it is relatively small which cuts its battery life down. On a full charge, one can expect to get 4 hours of Wi-Fi streaming. People can also use it for hands-free calling or pair it with a smartphone or tablet using Bluetooth. Interestingly, its height, width, and depth all stand at 3 inches while its total weight is only 0.6 pounds.

4. ivee

Out of every smart speaker ever produced, ivee might be the most creatively designed piece. It reminds of a long-range microphone as it is constructed with a widened base that holds a short stick-like figure. Just like Echo, it can pair with any smart home feature and control the lights, TVs, blinds, and so on. Its microphone is indeed powerful as it can hear commands from 15 feet away. Unlike Echo, however, it comes with an audio port that can be used to connect stereo systems to it as well as a touch control knob located on the top of the stick. This makes adjusting volume very simple!

5. Mycroft

Designed like a mini-robot with two eyes on each side of the speaker, Mycroft is produced as an open source. It beats the Echo speaker when it comes to customizability and people can use it for a wide range of services. Those wanting a shortcut to posting things on Facebook and other social media platforms, as well as those looking to have a voice-enabled smart home controller, can enjoy Mycroft. One of the most prominent features it comes with is the so-called skills building that users can do themselves. This is a process that teaches the speaker anything that the user wants it to know and can be done via computer.


credits: Techlicious

This speaker reminds of the Echo the most. It comes with Alexa voice and can be purchased in two different sizes. It is highly customizable when it comes to appearance as users can choose amongst dozens of patterns. Streaming is possible from any number of services like Tidal, Tunein, iHeart Radio, Amazon Music, and more. Customers can also purchase multiple speakers that can be simultaneously controlled by a smartphone app. This means that music can be played throughout one’s home as they place a few devices sporadically.

7. Zettaly Avy

Thought most smart speakers are not manufactured with a screen, with the exception of Trivy, this one will feature a 7-inch touchscreen. It is the only one in the market that possesses such as characteristic. The system it supports is based on Android technology that is also depicted by microSD card slot. The voice control it uses is Google Now, which is different than Echo’s Alexa in many ways. Nevertheless, people can still use it to control features of their smart home, stream music, and surf the internet.

Thus, Echo speaker is not the only artificial-intelligence-based (AI) software currently available. Moreover, it is only one of the many such products that have been gaining momentum ever since AI technology took off. People who might dislike Echo for reasons like design, capabilities, or anything else, can look into one of the previously listed speakers. Luckily, most of them deliver the same scope of services which means that buyers will not be forced to make a trade-off between appearance, customizability, power, or anything else!

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