Amazon Planning to Buy Delivery Business Uber Eats India

Eating lifestyle has seen a huge shift. Today, people want everything promptly and this urgency has indeed powered a lot of firms today. The food business has witnessed an amazing change. From eating outside to ordering inside, we all can agree that the way we deal with our food has changed. Thanks to Swiggy and Zomato, we can order food anytime we get hunger pangs. Uber Eats is also in the category but it wasn’t getting as much revenue as Swiggy and Zomato did. The Californian firm was losing 15 to 20 million dollars a month on its service. This has made Uber unsure of its delivery business so it’s looking to get rid of it. And this is where Amazon India enters the scene.

Amazon Planning to Buy Delivery Business Uber Eats

Swiggy rules the food delivery market which has 800,000 orders per day in its kitt. Zomato comes a close second with 6,50,000 orders while Uber Eats delivering between 150,000 to 200,000 orders per day. According to Business Standard, Amazon is in talks to take over Uber Eats in India.

The two firms are currently exploring a strategic alliance. Reports further suggest that Amazon India is keen to take over all of Uber Eats’ operations. Amazon India offers a Prime subscription that gets you your orders in a day, with the additional benefits of Music and Video libraries. Prime members get sweet deals so if everything goes well with the “deal,” Amazon will give some mouth-watering offers (pun intended) on the food delivery options. Moreover, food orders will most likely boost the number of transactions for Amazon.

Rumors were rife that Swiggy almost lost the deal to acquire Uber Eats due to the lack of agreement. If Amazon does buy Uber Eats, you are likely to get Alexa integration for ordering food.

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