Android 10 Features: Everything we know so far

Android 10 will soon be released and a lot of devices will receive it. With every upgrade, Google introduces tonnes of new features, some small while some will make a difference. As Google recently renamed Android Q to Android 10, it also revealed some features. We will tell you in detail about the features Android 10 will bring onto our phones. Scroll below to know what Google has in stores for you!

Android 10 Features
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The New Android 10 Features

Dark mode

Well, Google is a bit late to the party. Samsung and Huawei already offer dark mode on their skins. Other phones, too, can change your phone’s theme to ‘Dark’, which will be applied to the system and the applications. In addition to reducing eye-strain, dark mode will also increase your phone’s battery life ever so slightly. You will be to change the theme of an app separately when it is running.


Android 10 will take user privacy more seriously. There are many tweaks to privacy controls and one of them restricts apps to launch themselves. Now, apps won’t be launched unless the user wants it to. The upcoming Android 10 will also restrict apps from accessing the contents of the phone’s screen. If any apps need to access the phone screen, they will now need additional, on-the-go permission.

Audio features

Android 10 will now allow two apps on your phone record or listen to audio simultaneously. Google said in their developers’ forum, “Before Android Q the input audio stream could only be captured by one app at a time. Once an app started to capture audio, all other apps had no way to access the audio input until the capturing app stopped.”

The upgrade will also open new doors, in the form of AudioPlaybackCapture API (Application Programming Interface). It will let you capture audio from another app that is playing. It was earlier restricted to video, but now there is an audio option as well.

QR Code for WiFi

The need to enter a password to connect to Wi-Fi will become a thing of the past as a feature called ‘Easy Connect’ will let you create a QR code that others can use to access your WiFi.

Thermal API

If you want to know the state of the chipsets and processors in your phone, Thermal API will get the job done. “When the device reports thermal stress, apps and games can help by backing off ongoing activities to reduce power usage in various ways,” Google says.

If, say, applications detect that a phone is becoming hot, changes will be made. Their core functioning will get changes, which will bring the temperature down and restore optimum performance.

Settings Panels

Settings are the one tab everyone is quite scared to go through. That fear will be blown out of the park by Android 10. Setting Panel will now let you access your phone’s settings that are contextual to the app that you currently have open. For instance, if you are using Google Chrome without an active connection, the Connectivity settings panel will be opened on your page. It will save you a lot of hassle of actually going to the Settings apps to enable/disable an option.

Location permissions

According to Google, Android 10 will give users more control over other app’s access to the device location. An application can access your location only when it is in use, thus eliminating its background usage.

Foldable devices

Foldable phones are the future, but that’s the future we aren’t able to see as no such device has been launched. But Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei’s Mate X are some solid proofs. So, to make Android more friendly for its potential buyers, Android 10will offer support for application developers to develop apps specifically for such devices, even with various folding patterns. The said support will address screen ratios, app resizing, multi-window functions, display cutouts and more.


Notification bubbles will now appear as a pop up on your screen, while you continue to use other applications. It helps with all the multitasking but if you don’t like it, you can disable it.




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