Why does my Android phone keep automatically rebooting?

With the rapidly changing technology, it can be difficult to talk about phones without the mention of the name Android. With billions of devices now running on Android, efforts to make the open source operating system stable has been put in place.

However, although considered one of the most stable open source operating systems that most smartphones and tablets run on, many users experience issues whereby the phone automatically reboots.

But why is this? 3nions is here to answer this question.

Firstly, the occurrence of your Android phone frequently rebooting is not due to one specific reason; it can be for an array of reasons. Therefore it is important to bear in mind that if you experience automatic rebooting often, it does not necessarily mean your phone has a major problem requiring an expert. Most of the time the issue can be solved by a few simple steps.

Here are few solutions that you can try if your Android phone keeps automatically rebooting:

1. Problematic applications and software

With many versions of the Android software now in place, it is essential to know the Android version your device is running for ease of solving some of these problems. In some cases when you install applications from unverified sources into your Android phone, it can cause recurring reboots as the Android software can not recognize it.

It is therefore advisable to get genuine applications from verified sources to keep the phones stable and avoid disruptions when using it. Should you find yourself being disrupted by the constant rebooting of your phone, you can check the latest applications installed then verify if it could be the primary cause.

You can also try to uninstall the latest applications installed or simply clear the cache on your phone. This can be done by carrying out the following process:

  • Locate settings on your phone
  • Then navigate to the applications menu
  • Tap on manage applications
  • Move to downloaded applications
  • Check on the latest installed application
  • Clear data or uninstall the application.

When this is complete, it may not solve the problem meaning experiencing automatic reboots is still an option. You can, therefore, move a step higher and try to restore your phone completely, taking it back to the original factory settings just to ensure all applications that were not initially on the phone are erased completely.

Frequent monitoring and checks on the software that runs on your phone can also ensure stability, so it is crucial to do this regularly. Once a month should be enough. This is as the operating system relies on the other software to adequately function. Therefore software that often crashes can cause your phone to automatically reboot.

Android phone keep automatically rebooting

2. Attack by virus

The damage of virus on software can’t be ignored as it is one of the greatest threats when it comes to the safety of software. The frequent reboot of the phone could also be a result of virus infecting some of the applications or software running on the phone.

When any form of virus attacks your phone, the operating system is likely to behave in an unpredictable manner hence could be a possible cause of constant rebooting. Being a probable cause, it’s not advisable to take chances thus the solution to this is to download and install antivirus software that will help scan your phone to counter the problem. You can also browse your Android phone for any malware and viruses from your computer by connecting externally.

3. Establishing wrong phone settings

Using the wrong settings on your Android phone can also be a possible cause of your phone automatically rebooting. Either knowingly or unknowingly, when wrong settings are in place on an Android phone, the functionality of the operating system is likely to be changed leading to such an effect.

Android depends on some of the applications directly to function stably and when you encounter the frequent restarting of your phone, check on the applications that are disabled. You can quickly check on the status of the applications under the settings icon, and enable all the supports the operating system directly then check on how your phone behaves.

4. The unstable power button and wrong positioning of your battery

It’s important to check on the state of your power button and battery as in some cases this could be the cause of the automatic rebooting.

When you realize your android phone is restarting frequently without your direct control on the power button, try and check on the state of the power button. The casing of the phone could be adding some pressure on the power button or it could have gotten small displacement in its usual location causing it to malfunction.

Always ensure your power button is flexible enough and efficiently functioning making sure your phone casing is not too tight on the power button.

Furthermore, check on the state and the position of the phone battery when experiencing automatic reboots. When the battery is not stable and in the right position, it can cause frequent short circuits that may result in frequent rebooting of the phone.

Android phone keep automatically rebooting

On the other hand, to solve the automatic reboots of your phone, it may be a simple case of replacing the battery, as with most batteries, after a period they will lose their ability to hold power.

5. Phone settings, functionality, and other hardware

Though not a regular happening to most of the android users, overheating could also be a possible cause of frequent rebooting.

When using your phone for heavy duty including running many applications at the same time, it is likely to overheat. If all other phone elements are functioning well, you are likely to experience the phone rebooting due to too much heat being generated as the phone try to cool down. It is therefore essential to take note of the temperature of your phone when using it for heavy tasks to avoid overheating. Also ensure you are taking note of the general hardware status is one way to try and bypass such disruptions.

Overall, if you have tried all the above steps on your device and your Android phone still automatically reboots it may be worth taking your phone to your local phone shop/technology shop for a more detailed check. This is as the cause of the problems may be more serious and the company of origin or any expert with credible experience on Android and their operations.

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