App Development: Breaking Down the Cost to Design an App

So you want to create a mobile app?

Understand that this is an extensive process that will take a team of professional developers.

Before thinking about finding a team, you’ll have to factor in the cost to design an app.

Let this post be a guide to a few things you should consider when making one!


The location plays a major part in the cost to design an app. For example, you can hire developers in India for about $10-$20 an hour. But, you might see noticeable differences in quality when taking the economic route.

We suggest that you hire developers who are near your business. When you hire developers in different time zones, it can lead to problems as they’ll complete your app later than usual. On average, UK, US, and Canada’s coders cost around $60-$150 an hour. Factor the location in your budget to ensure that your app is designed within a good time frame.


You have to decide whether you want your app to be on iOS or Android. Both of these platforms give you access to a large market of users who can become potential customers. Create an app that suits your business’ needs and then expand to the other platform once you receive a higher return on investment.

Pros of iOS

  • The iOS marketplace has a higher media diversity than Android. And, iOS users tend to spend more and participate more in mobile shopping.
  • Higher quality control and stricter guidelines mean more high-quality apps that are backed by stronger security protocols.
  • Apple’s framework and ecosystem ensure that all of your app users are running the latest version of iOS. And there are fewer phone sizes that developers have to worry about.

Cons of iOS

  • Apple’s frequent updates will lead to more maintenance costs.
  • Due to their strict guidelines, developers have less room to innovate and have to follow stringent rules and regulations.

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Pros of Android

  • Gives developers more freedom to innovate due to having access to Android’s OS.
  • Open source community that gives you access to interesting Android mods.
  • Wider market reach and penetration. Android has a larger user base in almost every category.

Cons of Android

  • Android users have a lower media engagement and spend less than iOS users.
  • Your development team will have to face more backward compatibility issues, different phone sizes, and multiple architectures. This can lead to a lot more development costs for your app.

The iOS vs. Android debate is a cultural one. And you should factor the cost to design an app based on which platform will suit your needs the most. To make the decision process easier, choose the platform that has the most of your targeted user base. This allows you to extend your reach to them and gain more profit in the long run.

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Basically, you have to decide how much you’re willing to budget for your app. To do so, find out what features you want to add (i.e. geolocations, sign up/email list, games, etc.) that fit your targeted audience. Therefore, you’ll have a well-developed app that also fits your business needs and brings value to your customers!


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