Apple iOS 13 To Introduce Dark Mode

Apple will soon lift the curtains off of its new iOS 13 in June at the annual developer’s conference WWDC. A long-rumored feature, dark mode, is said to be introduced during this conference. It will be made available for the iPhone and iPads, which is said to be a system-wide interface to lower the eye strain.

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Dark mode has been the most-wanted feature on mobile phones and Google and Samsung are making sure of that. While Google owns Android, Samsung is the first manufacturer to properly introduce dark mode, or Night Mode as they like to call it. Ever since other OEMs started launching dark mode, Apple owners felt left out as most of the iOS UI is white.

While the dark mode is already available on the macOS, it was just a rumor for iOS, which is coming to fruition. According to experts, dark mode helps OLED screen, which many new iPhone devices are equipped with. It reduces the strain, uses less power and helps save some juice for a long-lasting battery.

Apart from this widely anticipated feature, iOS 13 is said to improve apps like Reminders and give a smooth integration to third-party apps (emails, etc.). It will also include new gestures. Apple’s voice assistant Siri will also be enhanced which will understand commands and implement it in a better way.



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