Apple Mac Pro offers optional wheels that cost $400

Apple had unveiled its new Mac Pro back on June 3, and it is now available for purchase. The base version of the machine costs $5,999 (₹4,24,411) excluding taxes, while the beefed-up version will cost you over $50,000, (₹35,37,350). If you want to opt for Apple’s Pro Display XDR, you will have to fork over $57,000 (₹40,32,465).People are playing games as to what things could be bought in this price tag and a lot of them have settled on a BMW 3 series. Well, it seems Apple wants more people to play this game as the optional set of wheels will set you back for $400 (₹28,298). You can buy Sony WH1000MX3 or Apple’s own Apple Airpods Pro.

Apple Mac Pro offers optional wheels that cost $400

When Apple first unveiled its new Mac Pro, the firm also revealed interested users could also pair it with optional wheels. This excited people who needed a mobile workstation. Moreover, Apple didn’t disclose the price of the wheels. Twitter users had a field day discussing the ridiculous pricing.

As the Mac Pro is up for order, the price of the wheels came to the forefront, to the much dismay of consumers. If you buy the 4 wheels, you technically pay $100 for each wheel. If you buy Apple Mac Pro that comes with a nano-texture matte finish, you’ll have to spend more on Apple’s unique cloth as using any other cloth would damage it. The people who can afford a $6,000+ Mac Pro, why think twice spending $400 on wheels?


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