Apple starts shipping India-made iPhones to European Markets; will boost Make in India Initiative

Apple has commenced the shipping of iPhones manufactured in India which will be exported to the European markets. The facility where iPhones are being manufactured in India is in Bengaluru.

Wistron Corporation in India has secured the contract from the American trillion-dollar company. Back in 2016, it started assembling the iPhones in India, the first firm with a direct contract from Apple to do so. This will all contribute in the effort to boost the Make in India initiative, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s brain-child.

“iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 are being exported in quantities of under 100,000 units a month,” added Neil Shah, Research Director at Counterpoint Research. “The exports have begun a few months ago to European markets.”

The move will help Indian users as devices manufactured in the country won’t incur any import duty taxes which will, in turn, reduce the prices of iPhones. It will also help Apple because, in order to open an official store, Apple must fulfill local sourcing norms.



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