5 Apps to Make Your Life Easier

Life can be hectic in this modern world with so many things to organize. Things to do, places to go, people to contact – it’s often hard to keep up. Technology can be helpful, but with so many different devices and operating systems, it can also be confusing. It’s good to be organized and wake up knowing exactly what needs to be done today and how to do it! If you have made plans, personal or professional, then it’s important to monitor how these plans are progressing.

However, irrespective of all that, and how important it is to you to be organized in your work and private life, it is not easy to achieve without some assistance. Some people pay for others to help keep them organized and ensure that plans made are on track. If this is important to you, it can be expensive to employ somebody to do it for you. So why not use an app?

The following 5 apps can make your life easier by helping you become organized in this way. Using these, you can wake up knowing what you have to take care of each morning. They have all been tried and tested by us, and we have come with the following 5 apps to make your life easier and perhaps even streamline your business.

1. Google Duo

If you have an Apple device you can use Facetime for a face-to-face call. If you have an Android phone or tablet, maybe Skype is not what you want. Duo is Google’s equivalent of Facetime and can be used on both Apple iOS devices and on Androids. All you need is the Duo app and the phone number and you can talk face to face. Not only that but if you get a call the “Knock Knock” feature enables you to see a live video image of the person calling you before you answer it. Duo works on all iOS and Android devices.

2. Unroll.me

Are you plagued with dozens of unwanted emails every morning?  You open your emails and have to scroll down till you find an email you actually want to read.  If you delete them all, sometimes you may accidentally delete an email important to you. Unroll.me enables you to unsubscribe all the stuff you don’t want with just one click, so all you should see in future are the ones relevant to you.

3. Evernote

Many people use lists to remind them of what they must do each day. Evernote can help you with that. Evernote can be used to sort and organize every task you have to perform, from note making, web clipping, and a simple to-do list.  It’s a notetaker, pocket notebook, and PDA all in one. Evernote syncs automatically across all devices: cell phones, tablets, computers, laptops and also across all operating systems. This is the best note-taking app you will find. It can organize all your data and you can also access it from any connected device such as your phone, tablet or PC.

4. MotionX Sleeptracker 24/7

It’s not good if you are in the middle of your beauty sleep and your alarm wakes you up! Saturday morning at 6 am you are sound asleep and the alarm goes off to get you ready for work in time.  Only it’s not a workday and you forgot to reset it or switch it off! After a Friday night on the tiles that last thing you need is to be woken from a deep sleep – this could actually adversely affect your health. It’s never good mentally to be awakened from the deepest segment of your sleep. Place your Smartphone under your pillow, or even under your mattress, and MotionX Sleeptracker 24/7 can monitor your movement in bed and then wake you up when you are in your lightest phase of sleep and therefore when your brain is least disturbed by a sudden awakening.

5. Square Cash

Square Cash is not just ‘another digital wallet’ but enables you to send money for free to friends, businesses or between banks that have the app. Money transfer is instant, and you can do this using email, text or a ‘Cashtag.’  The Square Cash app is free to download for individuals and businesses for Android and iOS devices from Google Play or the App Store. It can also be used to accept money from friends or other business free of charge. You need to link a debit card to the app to make it work properly. There is no limit to the amount of cash involved in any transaction.


These are 5 of the best available apps to make your life easier. There are many more, but these 5 represent what is available and the five that we believe are of genuine use to individuals and also to online and offline businesses.

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