All You Need to Know About Arctic Mode in PUBG Mobile

As you all know that PUBG Mobile had introduced The new Arctic Mode in its global version and you all are very curious to know everything about it, So don’t worry today in this article I will tell you about every new thing in Arctic Mode. So let’s begin. You can find this Mode in the PlayLab Section of PUBG Mobile.

Arctic Mode in PUBG Mobile

What’s new in Arctic Mode?

The map of Arctic Mode is the same as Vikendi nothing changed in the map but in Arctic Mode, you can experience some new things like Lantern, Campfire, Branches, Heat Packs, Drone, Chickens, Arctic Supply Crates and Blizzard(cold wind). You can also use Ski in this Mode.

How to survive in Arctic Mode?

In this mode, a Temperature Indicator shows below your map which informs you when the blizzard will Start and End, and before the time runs out you have to find some branches because when the time runs out then a Blizzard(cold wind) will start and you have to survive in it by heating yourself using a campfire otherwise you will die. Branches are used as a fuel to increase the timing of Campfire.

Arctic Mode in PUBG Mobile

You can also use lanterns and heat packs to keep yourself warm. You have to do this process until the Blizzard(cold wind) ends. You can use drones to spy your enemies, and by applying heat packs or using lanterns you can run outside in the cold wind and easily kill your enemies. When the Blizzard arrives, get inside a house, light up the fire, and click on add Branches button to extend the timing of the fire.

One Branch = 45 Seconds. NOTE- Always stay closer to the fire in Blizzard(cold wind) otherwise you will get damage. If anyone in the Map will use campfire then a fire symbol automatically appears on the map on their location which you can also see, this helps you to kill them easily. Once the Blizzard ends you can freely move outside and kill your enemies.

Kill Chickens then pick up the Raw Chicken Meat.

Then Roast it on Fire to get Roasted Chicken. Eat it to recover some Warmth and Energy.

How to find Drone in Arctic Mode?

You can easily find a Drone in Arctic Supply Crate and Airdrops or you can find it in some places like Cosmodrome, Podvosto, Mount Kreznic, Villa, Coal Mine, Goroka, e.t.c. It’s not very hard to find a Drone in Arctic Mode.

How to find Arctic Supply Crates in Arctic Mode?

There is an Exclusive thing in Arctic Mode which is the Arctic Supply Crate from where you can get Airdrop Guns like M249, Aug, Groza e.t.c You can find this crates in places like Tovar, Castle, Dino Park, Volnova, Cement Factory, Abbey, Goroka, Vihar, Cosmodrome, Coal Mine, Villa, Mount Kreznic, Peshkova.

Arctic Mode in PUBG Mobile


Can I spy enemies very much far from me using a Drone?

No, you cannot spy them because there is a fixed range for flying drones.

Can I move outside and kill enemies during Blizzard(Cold Wind)?

Yes, you can but you have to use Heat Packs or Lanterns to survive outside.

Where do I find Chickens?

You can easily find them at any place. There is no specific place for them.


These are some new things that PUBG Mobile had introduced in their new update Arctic Mode but remember that you cannot push your Rank in this Mode because this mode is in PlayLab.


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