How to Ask Questions on Instagram stories using a question sticker

Instagram never fails to revamp and add features to its already booming application. On 10th July 2018, it introduced its new feature that will bring in more notifications on your account. Instagram added a new ‘question sticker’ for your Instagram stories which lets you ask questions on Instagram stories.

The new sticker added in the app is similar to its polling feature and emoji slider. You can choose the sticker, add a question and put it up on your story and anyone who views your story or wishes to reply to your story with a response can do so. The answer will be visible to the one who posted it. The replies aren’t anonymous and the asker can repost the responses to their story, but the post will be anonymous.

This is an effort from Instagram to encourage interaction between a user and followers and also to make people post on their story more often.  Instagram says its a ‘ way to start conversations during moments when you didn’t necessarily have a photo or video to share’. In other words, it’s a way to ensure that people keep posting even if they have totally run out of ideas.

Questions can be found among the regular stickers drawer. Asking people questions directly on their Instagram stories provides a solution to kick-start a new conversation between a creator and follower.

How to Ask Questions on Instagram stories using a question sticker

How to Ask Questions on Instagram stories

Make sure that you have the latest version of the application installed in your device-check your app store for updates.

If you want to Ask Questions on Instagram stories then follow these simple steps:

  1. Take a photo or video on Instagram that you want to post on your Instagram story.
  2.  Open the sticker tray [the smiley icon on the top right corner].
  3.  Choose the question sticker.
  4. Type out the question you want to ask.
  5. Place it anywhere on the story
  6. Simply share your story.

When your friends view your story they will be able to reply. They can reply as many times they want to. You will be able to see your friends responses on your viewer’s list.

Although this new feature is not anonymous it is likely to be a hit among its users who are trying to get more attention from their followers. It is useful for high profile accounts as it can be used to interact directly with their fans or host AMA [ask me anything] sessions that currently happen through live streams or comments.


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    Is it possible to retrieve the answers from the questions more than 1 week after posting them? It seems that I can’t go back further than 1 week in the activity section. Please help!


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