5 Best 3D Printing Apps for Android

Google play store is registered with more than 1 Billion Monthly Active Users (MAU), and there is a reason why, isn’t it? It serves its users with above 1.4 million applications which are more than any digital distributor app in the world. It got more sensational when the 3-D printing utility hit the store; now the technology is becoming available to anyone.

So, still confused with what 3D printing is?

3-D printing is a process of turning a digital file into a three-dimensional solid object; it magically enables you to create anything you want. You can turn your garage into a small factory, so what would you build if you can create anything?

Android users are provided with numbers of 3-D printing applications which are both free and paid; I will now list some of the best apps available for Android.

1. GCodePrintr

Best 3-D Printing Apps for Android

GCodePrintr enables you to control your 3-D printer with your Android device and print objects in a very three-dimensional way; the application liberates you from personal computer printing.

Here is the link


To run the app what you have to do is first install the app for which you would have to pay like 3.87 USD, connect your Android device to a 3-D printer using USD OTG/Host Port or it also allows you to connect to your printer wirelessly over Bluetooth.

Load your gcode file, and there you go, get started with a real 3-D printing experience. Gcode Simulator named app is used in PC to send files from directly PC to your Android device, it also helps you check for errors in your file before you send it to your printer. You could see the layer by layer visualization and print simulation while the printer does its work.

2. MakerBot

Best 3-D Printing Apps for Android

MakerBot is an American 3D printer manufacturer company which was founded in the year 2009; it has sold over 100,00 desktop 3-D printers worldwide. MakerBot Mobile is an app which eases you the experience of 3-D printing workflow by allowing you to prepare digital designs for the printing.

Here is the Google Play Store Link


You could just choose a downloadable digital design from MakerBot’s Thingiverse or any 3D model file stored in your MakerBot cloud library, then use the cloud servers to optimize, scale and slice your design, layer by layer for 3-D printing. The application does all the work for you. One of the startling features of MakerBot is that you can directly print from the Thingiverse app by finding a thing and printing it by just clicking the Print now button.

3. Thingiverse

Best 3-D Printing Apps for Android

It is a design community application by MakerBot’s, known as World’s largest 3D printing community which helps you to connect with people, discover and share printing stuffs. A Few days ago while I was browsing through its Explore Tab, I got to see this amazingly interesting art, a bust miniature of Yoda from Star Wars, now talking on a somber note what could be better than this for a person who is a Sci-Fi buff.

Best 3D Printing Apps for Android

Here is the Playstore link


This online community allows you to be able to print three-dimensional objects irrespective of your technical skills or any experience of doing it before.

4. OnShape

Best 3D Printing Apps for Android

Onshape is the very first and only full-cloud based professional 3D CAD application which is made to design a product by teams working together who use either an android phone, android tablet, iPhone or iPad.

Here is the play store link


What makes ONShape different is its flexibility to allow users of securely storing your designs which stays up to date, so you switch between your smartphone, tablet, and PC at any time. You can create sketches, modify the entities, add variables to drive your design, share your documents, and all you need is an internet connection.

5. Octodroid

Best 3D Printing Apps for Android

Using Octodroid, you can monitor your 3-D printing tasks with your smartphone; it is designed to work with its very own Octoprint server which could be tracked by the device you are using it with.

Here is the play store link


You can perform tasks like start, stop and pause prints and receive notifications when your printing is done; it also allows you to read the progress rate of your current prints. It was updated in the year 2015 and till now has received over 50,000 downloads via Google Play Store.

Being so much used to with technologies in our daily life we can conclude that, It may not even take a decade of time when the 3-D Printing would become a mainstream. Hope you would like the notable mentions.

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