7 Best Adobe Flash Player Alternatives in 2022

Down below we have listed the best Adobe flash Player Alternatives that you can try

As of December 31, 2020, Adobe stopped supporting Flash Player. It is a popular tool installed on our computers to view dynamic multimedia content.

For instance, a flash player is required to play YouTube videos, among other things.

In this article, you will find the 7 best Adobe Flash Player alternatives in 2022.

Best Adobe Flash Player Alternatives

This is a comprehensive list of the best flash player alternatives in 2022. The software mentioned below will help you view and interact with Shockwave Flash Files.

1. Lightspark

Best Adobe Flash Player Alternatives

You can count on Lightspark as it’s an open-source, free flash player and browser plugin that can be used by Windows and Linux platforms. Along with Google Chrome and Firefox, it is also supported on popular web browsers. Lightspark’s flash browser plugin is written in C/C++ format, and the latest version of Lightspark 0.8.3 was released in July 2020.

This is the best alternative for Adobe Flash Player, which can be used for running a variety of flash APIs; there will be no streaming interruptions. Lightspark is compatible with H.264 flash videos on YouTube.

Main features

  • Free
  • Free & open-source
  • Code editing


  • Reported to be slow by some users

Download Lightspark

2. Gnash

7 Best Adobe Flash Player Alternatives in 2022

Gnash is the next best Adobe Flash Player alternative on our list. This is a GNU Flash movie player, and its primary function is focusing on media for flash multimedia files. A shout out to the developers for extending the usage of this software to audio and video content.

If you have multiple operating systems, expect Gnash to work without disruption. If users want, they can also add the software’s plugins to some major web browsers like Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome.

Main features

  • Free to use
  • Open-source extension


  • Some of the ActionScripts are not supported

Download Gnash

3. Ruffle

7 Best Adobe Flash Player Alternatives in 2022

Ruffle is a fabulous Adobe Flash alternative that has the capabilities to replace Flash players for Mac, Windows, and Linux platforms. This makes this software an easy recommendation for users working on all major operating systems.

Moreover, Ruffle supports various browsers, including Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

You, as users, should know that this isn’t exactly a flash player; it works as a flash player emulator for Adobe flash’s file formats. Since it works well without significant flaws, it is included in many lists as an ideal replacement for Adobe Flash Player in 2022. Ruffle is developed using the Rust programming language with a desktop and a web client.

Main features

  • Updated regularly
  • It supports Windows, macOS, and Linux
  • Secure Flash Player Emulator


  • It does not support some websites

Download Ruffle

4. Flash Fox – Flash Browser

7 Best Adobe Flash Player Alternatives in 2022

Flash Fox is a well-known Android web browser nowadays. It does support various platforms, and it isn’t an alternative to the Adobe Flash Player. Still, it can be used to view dynamic multimedia content if you don’t want to install the Adobe Flash Player alternative on your computer.

This browser has a built-in flash player, so the need to install a flash player is superfluous. Flash Fox has all the standard features available with other web browsers, including synced tabs for accessing history, bookmarks, etc.

As this is an Android app, you will need an emulator to use this on a computer.

Main features

  • Built-in flash player
  • Easy user interface
  • Secure web browser


  • Too complex

Download Flash Fox – Flash Browser

5. CheerpX for Flash

7 Best Adobe Flash Player Alternatives in 2022

Cheerpx for Flash is one of the Adobe Flash Player alternatives on this list.

This is a superb option for Adobe Flash users as it is 100% compatible with any flash content. This software is also the best for HTML5 files, as users can view and edit the content without any learning curve.

CheerpX supports all the well-known web browsers known to mankind. If you are worried about your data, this software keeps it safe and secure, and there’s no third-party access.

Main features

  • API compatibility
  • Works with most browsers


  • It doesn’t support everything

Download CheerpX for Flash

6. BlueMaxima’s Flashpoint

7 Best Adobe Flash Player Alternatives in 2022

BlueMaxima’s Flashpoint is another of the best Adobe Flash Player alternatives on this list. Launched in 2018, this is an open-source project accessible to all users, and it’s also an excellent swap for popular browsers.

This unique flash player includes additional features that store and archive online flash games. Th said data is stored in the software itself, so it is secure and does not get lost.

The software is compatible with all types of web-based media, making BlueMaxima’s Flashpoint easy for the users.

Main features

  • API compatibility
  • Works with most browsers


  • Will not support everything

Download BlueMaxima’s Flashpoint

7. OpenSilver

7 Best Adobe Flash Player Alternatives in 2022

With OpenSilver, we have another best Adobe Flash Player alternative. This open-source, plugin-free, and modern software uses WebAssembly and Microsoft Blazor to run on numerous web browsers without any hurdles.

The software equips advanced C#, XAML, and .Net so that users can effortlessly run SWF files on Windows PC. Yes, you read that right – it only supports Windows.

OpenSilver can be installed on any Windows OS version with Visual Studio 2019 16.8 or higher.

Main features

  • Plugin-free
  • Works with advanced C#, XAML, and .Net


  • Windows-only
  • Requires Visual Studio 2019 16.11 or 2022

Download OpenSilver


Is HTML5 better than Flash?

Yes, HTML 5 is better than Flash as itFlashast, light-weighted, and efficient. It is also compatible with any interactive content.

What is the best alternative to Adobe Flash Player?

With Adobe Flash Player discontinued in 2020, you’ll have to use a great alternative, and Lightspark is the best. Of course, you can use any of the flash mentioned above plugin tools as an alteFlashve.

What will replace Flash in 2022?

Many open-source and flash projects on the web can be used instead of Adobe Flash Player. You can choose any Flash, as mentioned earlier, player alternatives that will let you view interactive multimedia content on web browsers or computers.


These are the best Adobe Flash Player alternatives in 2022. Most of the tools mentioned above are free to use.

You can choose anyone that suits you as they can help you avoid the prevailing security concerns with the Abode Flash Player.