5 Best Android Apps To Check Fuel Price In India

In today’s time sustaining a personal vehicle has become costlier then actually buying it. Be it for the maintenance cost, servicing expenses or above all the oxygen of your vehicle that is petrol and diesel! Just like without oxygen humans can’t survive, similarly without petrol and diesel your personal vehicle can’t survive. (Of course, we are not including the eco-friendly cycles). But-but-but, because of pollution, having clean air is next to impossible and yes, because of price hikes purchasing the main lively hood of your vehicles are also getting next to impossible! As, if you are someone who lives in India and happens to have a car or bike, you exactly know what I am talking about. The price hikes in fuel are actually getting so constant nowadays, one day you open news or take a newspaper and there you will see headlines focusing on the hike of fuel prices!

Which simply means that the fuel prices are revised daily! So, it is important to keep a check on them before you go to petrol pumps. Not because someone is thugging you, but at least from your end, you know what are today’s prices and how much petrol or diesel you need for the day. So, for making your life easier and to keep an eye on this ever-fluctuating fuel prices, here is the list of 5 Best Android Apps To Check Fuel Price In India. As this apps will let you check fuel prices in almost all major cities and will provide you with many other features.

Best Android Apps To Check Fuel Price In India:

  1. MapMyFuel: Petrol & Diesel Daily Price Update
  2. Daily Petrol Diesel Price Update in India
  3. Daily Petrol/Diesel Price
  4. Daily Fuel Price: Daily Petrol Diesel Price India
  5. Petrol Diesel Price in Your City

1. MapMyFuel: Petrol & Diesel Daily Price Update

MapMyFuel is an app which is developed with a vision to transform the fueling experience of users. It is quite elaborate with giving users options that range from displaying daily fuel prices of various cities to finding nearby petrol stations and rating them. Now, the app covers petrol pumps and diesel pumps from IndianOil Corporation Limited (IOCL), Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL), Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL), Reliance Petroleum, Essar Petroleum, and Shell India. It also features fuel stations for green fuels like CNG stations for Indraprastha Gas Limited (IGL) and AutoLPG. In addition, the app helps in tracking a user’s vehicle’s mileage, while giving data on how you have filled up in the past. So, download MapMyFuel and compare and choose appropriately.

Best Android Apps To Check Fuel Price In India

Main Features:

  1. Daily fuel price update of petrol & diesel.
  2. A graphical trend of fuel prices across all petrol pumps.
  3. Very Light and Simple UI.
  4. Easy sign-up.
  5. Filter search.

2. Daily Petrol Diesel Price Update in India

Daily Petrol Diesel Price Update in India, as the name suggests, is an app that helps users to keep track of fluctuating fuel prices for all the cities. Now, as said the app covers all the major cities, so just search your city and get the current fuel and diesel price within a few taps. Now, you can even compare the prices around various petrol pumps to make sure that you aren’t paying any extra penny. Also, not just for checking prices but the app also makes your life easier when you are at the petrol pump too. As the app has an inbuilt calculator through which you can calculate the total before making the payment and can also maintain your expense book. So, now with this app, check the daily petrol diesel prices for all the cities in India without any hassle.

Best Android Apps To Check Fuel Price In India

Main Features:

  1. All major cities covered.
  2. Calculator.
  3. Cost history.
  4. Graphs.
  5. Multiple themes for day and night.

3. Daily Petrol/Diesel Price

Daily Petrol/Diesel Price is an app which is great for people who just want to glance at fuel prices before leaving home. The app upfront displays current fuel and diesel prices of cities which are marked as the favorite by users. Now, extending with favorites, the users can mark up to 6 cities and can quickly check the prices. But yes other then the marked cities, the app shows fuel and diesel prices for all major cities in India. Which one can even search with the Google voice search too. In addition, the users can click on individual cities or states to know diesel, petrol prices of the last seven days. So, in all, Daily Petrol/Diesel Price is a simple app which is easy to use and yet convenient too.

Best Android Apps To Check Fuel Price In India

Main Features:

  1. Simple to use.
  2. Intuitive design.
  3. Daily petrol and diesel prices.
  4. Search your city.

4. Daily Fuel Price: Daily Petrol Diesel Price India

Keep track of the ever-changing fuel price in India with the Daily Fuel Price app. The app provides you with live Fuel Prices for all the Indian cities. And it also shows you the difference in the fuel prices every day. And in extension with the live fuel prices feature, one can also check the fuel prices for the last 7 days. In addition, the app is simple to use, just select your city and get instant prices of petrol and diesel. So, download Daily Fuel Price and keep track of fuel prices of other cities where you could be traveling.

Best Android Apps To Check Fuel Price In India

Main Features:

  1. Keep track of fuel prices.
  2. User-friendly design.
  3. All cities are covered.
  4. Select your city.

5. Petrol Diesel Price in Your City

Petrol Diesel Price in Your City, as the name suggests is an app with which you can check daily petrol price and daily diesel price in your city without any hassle. Now, the app even gives notifications to update you about the daily changing Petrol and Diesel Price rates. So, just turn on the notification from the app and set the time you want notification at, that’s it! Apart from this the app even comes with an inbuilt calculator where you can calculate the total and will get to know how much Petrol/Diesel and cashback you will get, just within a few taps. Lastly, you can even share petrol prices with all of your friends and family members on all the leading social media platforms. So, download Petrol Diesel Price in Your City and check the petrol price rate of almost all the cities in the country.

Best Android Apps To Check Fuel Price In India

Main Features:

  1. Cashback Calculator.
  2. Simple and Sleek User Interface.
  3. No Login required.
  4. Reminders.
  5. View Price of Multiple Vendors.

So, above were the 5 Best Android Apps through which one can easily check fuel prices in India. Now, summing up, everyone knows how much fuel price fluctuates in India, so with this apps, you can not only track them down but can also compare the prices among various other petrol pumps. Also, almost each of the mentioned apps covers fuel and diesel prices in all major cities and also notifies you if any changes happen. This will make you alert before you leave your home or before planning a long trip.

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