10 Best Apps For PNR Status and Live Train Status in India

Phones are getting smarter day by day, by replacing essential objects like alarm and watch with a widget. You can effortlessly book a cab from A to B destination and without the need of paying in cash. Online banking has taken over the long tedious queues, shifting our entire world onto our fingertips.

Needless to say, there are numerous apps that can book your train tickets in bulk for a family vacation or for emergencies. With live train statuses or PNR predictions, travel apps have come a long way to help travelers choose their preferred mode of transport. So, avoid a trip to that far away station and the long ticket queues by downloading the apps suggested below, which are free to use.

Best Apps For PNR Status and Live Train Status in India:

  • IXIGO: IRCTC Train PNR Status
  • IRCTC Rail Connect
  • m-Indicator
  • My Train by RailYatri
  • Trainman: PNR Status, Train Running Status & Ticket Booking
  • Indian Railway – IRCTC & PNR Status
  • Indian Rail Train Info
  • Where is my Train: Indian Railway Train Status
  • Indian Railway Train Status: Where is my Train
  • UTS

1. IXIGO: IRCTC Train PNR Status

Ixigo’s IRCTC app tops our list for being the most user-friendly travel app on our list. Not just trains, this app can book flight and bus tickets as well as a reserve you a hotel room. IRCTC Train PNR Status topples every other app with its unique features like multi-language support, offline train routes, train timetable for major Indian and Express trains. If it’s your first time with this app, you could get up to ₹800 discount on a flight booking. Other features include live train status, seat availability, PNR Status, and ticket predictions, metro timetables, etc. So, wait no more and download this app for all your travel needs.

Best Apps For PNR Status and Live Train Status in India

Main Features:

  • Books bus, flights, trains, and hotels.
  • PNR Status with Prediction.
  • Know the train’s location offline.
  • Train’s live status.

Download IXIGO: IRCTC Train PNR Status

2. IRCTC Rail Connect

IRCTC’s own railway app is a refreshing surprise. The app, although lacks flight bookings, can seamlessly book outstation trains for a safe journey. Rail Connect has a PIN lock option whenever you start the app so that your travel information remains safe. Besides booking tickets for a much future journey, you can also book Tatkal tickets right from this app, with other added options of Ladies quota and Premium Tatkal booking. The app’s UI is not at all buggy and is user-friendly. And if you are a new user, fear not as this app features new registrations straight from the app. So, download this app and connect with your scattered relatives.

Best Apps For PNR Status and Live Train Status in India

Main Features:

  • Bulk ticket booking.
  • Ladies,Tatkal & Premium-Tatkal quota booking.
  • Change the boarding point in the app.
  • Seamless registration for new users.

Download IRCTC Rail Connect

3. m-Indicator

m-Indicator is an award-winning travel app that serves cities like Mumbai and Pune. Being the most preferred travel app by far, it leaves less to wish and gets the job done. This app gives accurate information on fare prices, platform numbers and features a rich Rail-Map. The feature I love the most is the A to B section, wherein travelers can put the desired station names to see the train timings. Besides the train’s  PNR and other information, m-Indicator also guides people option for bus transport with bus timings for all the buses, metro timings, monorail timings and much more. m-indicator is a must have app for anyone traveling between various train stations in Mumbai. Download this app for hassle-free traveling.

Best Apps For PNR Status and Live Train Status in India

Main Features:

  • Crowd indication.
  • Train chat across the city.
  • Bus routes.
  • Current fares for train tickets, autos, and taxis.

Download m-Indicator

4. My Train by RailYatri

My Train conspicuously refers to knowing your train, which means, for instance, knowing the train’s live location, timetable, offline schedule, seat availability, etc. The app also features PNR Status with prediction, food ordering for those hungry moments, coach and platform numbers, messaging, fare inquiry, etc. As a result, this app fulfills every need. Besides this, you can also book train tickets via IRCTC authorized agents, for a tension-free traveling. There is also a section for medical emergencies when you need to find the nearest hospital, for instance. Click the link below and have a safe journey!

Best Apps For PNR Status and Live Train Status in India

Main Features:

  • Order food on the train.
  • PNR Prediction.
  • Booking via IRCTC authorized Agents.
  • Fare inquiry.

Download link:
Download My Train by RailYatri

5. Trainman: PNR Status, Train Running Status & Ticket Booking

Trainman is an app truly made for Indians as it features many local languages like Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, etc. Apart from the various language availability, the app automatically reads PNR number from the SMS sent by IRCTC. The app has its usual features of live tracking the train, train’s running status, seat availability, etc. Besides fare calculation, you can also calculate a due refund for your canceled trains. So, download Trainman and take charge of your journey.

Best Apps For PNR Status and Live Train Status in India

Main Features:

  • A wide gamut of Indian languages.
  • Detect PNR through IRCTC SMS.
  • Journey Card.

Download Trainman: PNR Status, Train Running Status & Ticket Booking

6. Indian Railway – IRCTC & PNR Status

Indian Railway is a refreshing application when it comes to navigating the app. It features PNR Status, train alarm, seat availability, live train running status, etc. Like m-Indicator, you can check the ticket rates within the app. Also, if you get sudden hunger pangs, you can now order food within this very app without any need of other apps. Along with the train schedule, you receive information about catering and pantry. So, what are you waiting for? Download this app to get minute by minute information about your journey.

Main Features:

  • Train alarm.
  • Order food.
  • Offline train schedule.

Download Indian Railway – IRCTC & PNR Status

7. Indian Rail Train Info

Indian Rail Train Info is a visually good-looking app. The app has simple UI and easy navigation. The usual features include PNR Status, train timetable, offline route information, etc. You can also save PNR information and share it with people via SMS or e-mail. IRTI has a trick up its sleeve – finding indirect trains between stations by specifying via Station. Cool, isn’t it? So, download this app and never miss an update of your upcoming journey.

Main Features:

  •  Find indirect trains.
  • Seat/Berth mark.
  • Vast search options.
  • Train schedule and live status.

Download Indian Rail Train Info

8. Where is my Train: Indian Railway Train Status

Where is my Train app is fundamental during times when there is less or no cell reception because most of the functions of this app do not require an internet connection; it uses cell tower information to find your current location. The app also has the usual features like an alarm to wake you up before your destination arrives, seat availability and Live PNR Status. Makers specifically mention that the app is optimized for low battery and data consumption. So, tap the download link and never miss your destination.

Main Features:

  • Coach layout.
  • Smaller app size.
  • Accurate train spotting.
  • Offline train schedules.

Download Where is my Train: Indian Railway Train Status

9. Indian Railway Train Status: Where is my Train

How does this app stack up against the others on our list? Well, Indian Railway Train Status, lengthy name aside, is a very simple app. It does exactly what the other apps do but with the simplicity and doesn’t require much navigation. Akin to My Train app, this app also predicts confirmation chances for PNR. Other added benefits include a home screen widget support which saves the extra time for opening the app, search PNR and time-table offline and a handy berth & seat calculator. IRTS also allows sharing of live status and timetables between two stations. So, head on to the Play Store or tap the download link to experience an app which sets a high bar.

Main Features:

  • Home screen widget.
  • Voice search trains.
  • Accurate train timings.

Download Indian Railway Train Status: Where is my Train

10. UTS

Last but not least, is the UTS app. This app has reduced queues at ticket counters drastically as you can book tickets right from your smartphone. Be it a monthly pass or season tickets, or a platform ticket. The other noteworthy feature is the paperless tickets option. You can show your ticket from your smartphone without the need for a printout. The app is slightly buggy which is not a deal-breaker. Download this app from the link below and avoid those long queues.

Main Features:

  • R-Wallet.
  • Book paperless tickets.
  • One-tap cancellation.
  • Quick booking.

Download UTS

Did we cover all the apps? Which app is your travel companion? Let us know in the comments section below.

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