5 Best Apps to help you Quit Drinking Alcohol

As you know, drinking is neither good for your body nor your mind. According to the statistics, near about 18 million people are suffering from alcohol abuse in the United States. Unfortunately, people start to drink more; the bad habit changes rapidly into a destructive disease. In spite of this, people adopt this addiction very easily, but later it seems very difficult to quit. Your craving makes you so helpless that no medicine can help you get rid of this harmful addiction.

But don’t worry, with the help of technology you can reduce or quit the addiction of alcohol. There are many applications which have been created for addicted individuals. These apps work to motivate addicted people, and it will offer a relaxing mind so that people may achieve a sober life. Therefore, there are some apps in the market, but now we will talk about only five best apps. If you choose any app, it will offer various ways for getting an addiction free life.

Best Apps to help you Quit Drinking Alcohol

People have to face different problems because of alcohol. Especially when your craving has grown high. In that situation, it becomes more important for them to know how to control the desire. When is somebody drinking it near you, in that situation how to react? If you are trying to quit drinking alcohol, you should start it with serious motivation because without it all your efforts are useless. Besides, you must also stop this addiction because it affects you as well as your family and friends.

However, these applications have not assessed by specialists or doctors, but it plays a significant role for those who are suffering from alcohol addiction. Moreover, it guides them when they can not take advantage of the 12 Step Program or Alcoholics Anonymous cannot work for them.

1. Use Andrew Johnson to stop this habit

Along with this app, people can overcome on their craving of drinking. This app is considered globally as a hypnotist, and it works as stress management specialist. In this application, people will find motivational thoughts. It guides people to quit drinking so that they may get a sober life. With the help of this, people can fulfill the goal of living with their family.

Moreover, when it comes to popularity, although some people had doubts about its capabilities, it has good reviews on the base of work. People can download it for iOS, iPhone, and iPod only on $2.99.

Download it for Android.

2. Biblical Encouragement-Alcohol Addiction

This app is inspired by the Bible. It provides Bible support for those who have become victims of alcohol. It includes Bible’s verses so that people may encourage to quit this bad habit easily. Although a lot of people use it, this is not helpful for those who do not believe in religion.

You will find that it is an easy app to use. It has various verses which are distributed into different categories. It depends on their mood that which category is chosen by people. People have to select the one from the list of emotions according to the current mood. In addition to Bible verses, encouraging commentary is also offered on every verse.

Moreover, it contains 355 motivational proverbs from the Bible which can be shared on Facebook, e-mail to friends. This app can be downloaded for $0.99.

3. Twenty-Four Hours a Day

This is a mobile app which was created after the popular book of the same name. This book became so famous that more than 10 million copies had been sold. People can use this app for getting extra motivation. It provides additional videos and text of the famous authors whose primary purpose is to strengthen addicted individual’s faith.

This app includes all prayers and proverbs of that book. The good news is that it is more convenient due to mobile use than applications as mentioned earlier.

For getting an inspirational message, you will have to press the Today button, or you can shake your cell phone, both are same. In addition of that, you will have to pay only $3.99 to download on Android and iOS.

4. AlcoDroid Alcohol Tracker

AlcoDroid Alcohol Tracker is a fantastic app.  It traces the consumption of drinking and evaluates the Blood Alcohol Content. It works in best way after setting a limit of alcohol per day so that your addiction may reduce than before. It also shows the amount you saved after quitting alcohol.

As mentioned earlier, it reduces the quantity of alcohol every day which is good for you. But motivational thought, videos, and texts are not provided. It shows your addiction level and expert’s statistics about alcohol consumption in the daily chart. With the help of it, people can check every week how close they are to their goal of sobriety.

Moreover, a great widget is provided by AlcoDroid Alcohol Tracker. It shows the actual Blood Alcohol Content’s situation on the background of your device. But unfortunately, only Android users can use this application. People can download it as a free version, or they can buy an ad free version only on $2.99, it depends on their choice.

5. Control Alcohol

This application had created by Darren Marks that belongs to the United States. He is known as noted hypnotist. With the help of this app, people can realize their limit of drinking, and they are taught that when it’s time comes to stop alcohol abuse. The good news is that it does not only reduce alcohol addiction rather it can eradicate this problem in the short term.

There are many audio files which are used in hypnosis program for going in deep meditation. In this process, the addicted individual needs to be completely relaxed only in 10 minutes. This process plays a significant role for them.

Besides, it helps in controlling the craving of users along with Darren Marks interview videos.

This application can be downloaded on all the leading mobile as well as Android, iOS, Windows Phone only on $4.90.

6. Revively

Revively helps you to kick your bad habits when it comes to tobacco addiction, alcohol addiction or drug addiction. It will track your statistics by showing you how much money you have saved and how much you have avoided to consume.

For extra motivational purposes, it is added a brand new achievement system that will keep track of all of your small achievements, such as how much money you have saved, time since you quit and other information regarding health benefits.

Keep track of your journey by adding daily logs on how you are doing so far. This can help you to stay motivated, and it will also create a better picture of what it took from you to get where you are, that you can look back on and hopefully be proud of. Do yourself a favour and kick your bad habit with Revively!

Download Revively on iTunes.

Posted by – Anoop Nain


  1. As a 30 year addiction professional, I applaud any tools that helps anyone control or overcome issues around over-drinking. However, I think that all the research is clear that being in community, whether via recovery groups or a structured treatment/counseling program, is a major part of the support needed to overcome any addictive behavior, not to mention the use of medication assisted treatment where needed. Also, I would take issue with the categorical statement that “drinking is neither good for your body nor your mind.” As a person who is in recovery from coronary artery disease (having survived a heart attack at age 50) and not having an issue with alcohol abuse, I have had great success with having a glass of red wine every night to raise my HDL (good cholesterol) and there is much research that supports this. There can be healthy uses for alcohol, though clearly those who can’t control their alcohol use need to avoid it.


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