5 Best Apps to Monitor Data Usage on Android

Not every one of us will be having an unlimited data package on our smartphones or Tablets. Majority of us use to pick limited data packs on our smartphones seeing that it is quite enough for daily use. Also, activating unlimited data packs on smartphones costs way too higher when compared to standard data packages.

Thus, Monitoring our daily data usage plays a significant role in mobile data management. Since the data is limited, we have to use our daily quota mindfully. Exceeding the daily quota results in low-speed data or even no more data for the entire day.

So as to unravel this riddle, Android devices introduced an integral data usage monitor a long ago. Although it works good, each one of us would like to know more profoundly about the exact data usage by each and every apps as well as services running in our smartphone. In order to access this, we have to take advantage of some of the 3rd party data monitoring applications available in the Google Play Store.

Without wasting further more time, let us take a peek at some of the best apps to monitor data usage on your Android device.

Best Apps to Monitor Data Usage on Android

  • Samsung Max
  • Traffic Monitor
  • GlassWire
  • My Data Manager
  • Data Usage Monitor

1. Samsung Max

Samsung Max is a data usage monitoring app from Samsung with over 10M downloads from Google Play Store. The app helps users to monitor the data usage of each app present in our smartphone and helps us save our data in an effective manner.

Users can simply set daily data limits according to the current tariff. In any case of over data usage, the app produces alerts so as to inform the user about the data limit. It also has some security features including Incognito mode, WiFi Security etc to protect our Privacy and data.

Best Apps to Monitor Data Usage on Android

Main Features:

  • Monitor Data
  • Personal Privacy
  • Warning alerts
  • WiFi Security

Download Samsung Max

2. Traffic Monitor

Traffic Monitor is a simple app which helps us to Monitor our daily data usage. The app plainly monitors 3G, 4G as well as WiFi data usage flawlessly.

Users can view specific data usage by each app installed in the device which makes it easier to manage data consuming apps efficiently. The app can also monitor data usage according to the location as well. It also supports a speed test attribute to figure out the data speed of our SIM carrier.

Best Apps to Monitor Data Usage on Android

Main Features:

  • Monitor Individual data
  • Usage by location
  • Free to use
  • Speed Test

Download Traffic Monitor

3. GlassWire

Glasswire is one of the best apps out there to Monitor our data usage. The app not only monitors the data usage but also has a bunch of other features too.

It gives the most accurate and real-time data reading be it on mobile data or Wifi. The added live graph helps users to readily figure out apps consuming data at any instant. The app gives proper alerts to users before reaching the daily data limit as well.

Glasswire also assists to restrict certain apps from using mobile data, also an added firewall is provided for additional security.

Best Apps to Monitor Data Usage on Android

Main Features:

  • Real-Time monitoring
  • Data alerts
  • Restrict apps from data usage
  • Mobile firewall

Download GlassWire

4. My Data Monitor

My Data Monitor is a user-friendly Data Monitoring app with over 10M downloads from the Google Play Store. The app acts as a mere data tracker which can notify users whenever they are near to data limit with the help of suitable alarms.

It can also track individual app data usage which helps in finding out apps which eat up more of your daily data. For families with shared data access across various devices, the data monitoring works without any hassle.

Best Apps to Monitor Data Usage on Android

Main Features:

  • Flawless performance
  • Monitor shared plans
  • Data limit alarms
  • Save data

Download My Data Monitor

5. Data Usage Monitor

At last but not least, Data Usage Monitor is also an excellent app to monitor our daily data usage. The mobile data management is so easy with this app as it is having a simple interface to read and understand the data usage stats.

Apart from the regular app, the app also has a pro version of it with some added premium features.

Best Apps to Monitor Data Usage on Android

Main Features:

  • Manage Data Usage
  • Simple interface
  • Accurate readings
  • Free to use

Download Data Usage Monitor

So these are some of our preferred data monitoring apps for Android devices. Make sure to try these awesome data monitoring apps and let us know which one is your favorite in the comment section below. And if you liked this article, don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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